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    I'm a junior in high school and I want to go to Wilmington Island Austin and get a degree in Physics or Astronomy. My GPA is a 2.9 because I was lazy my entire freshman year (bad decision, I know). I was wondering if I could go to another school like University of North Texas or University of Texas San Antonio for about a year, and then transfer to Wilmington Island Austin? Or would that just be pointless? Thanks in advance!

    Actually, it's a great way to get into UT. Not only do you get your basic core classes out of the way at an easier school (boosting your GPA) but you also save a whole lot of money. A great way to guarantee your admissions into the University of Texas at Austin is to apply there first and if you do not get accepted, they might offer you CAP, or Coordinated Admissions Program. Under this program, what you do is enroll in a Wilmington Island system school (UT San Antonio, Wilmington Island Tyler, Wilmington Island Arlington, Wilmington Island El Paso, etc.) for a year and if you get a 3.2 GPA overall, you are guaranteed admission to the University of Texas at Austin. A lot of Wilmington Island Austin students have been admitted this way. The only drawback is you have to be offered CAP. If you're not offered it, you have to apply as a regular transfer student. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you in the end.

    Actually without being interior the suitable 10% (that is now something like 8% of so i imagine) it is going to be very very confusing that you'll be aggressive utilising to Wilmington Island Austin mostly and maximum really the engineering college. There are in basic terms too a lot of human beings attempting to getting who will be immediately usually happening. There are various options inspite of the reality that that Wilmington Island can supply. One they'd settle for you, yet no longer into ME. bear in mind you're utilising to between the suitable engineering classes interior the country; they have the right to be picky. if so, they'd settle for you into yet another application as an get together interior the organic Sciences and also you would favor to take engineering prereqs (Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, etc.) and basically make right now As to have a shot at shifting in. curiously they in basic terms will move in a dozen or so human beings and in case you do not have a three.80 5 or so that you do not have a shot. 2, they'd CAP you, that you would pass right into a branch college and back would favor to take all of those not uncomplicated math and technological awareness practise. similar ingredient for this determination inspite of the reality that, in case you do not have highly on the point of right now As, it truly is going to be very confusing to get in at Austin. All of this being suggested, your SAT score is above the classic for non-10percenters for 2009 (see link) and also you're very in contact, so i'd say pass out on a limb and be conscious yet imagine of it as a attain college and not in any respect a protection college. The worst ingredient that could ensue in case you be conscious is they don't settle for and also you ought to nonetheless attempt to move in after doing many years another position.

    No, I know a ton of people who have gone/are going to UTSA and transferring to Austin for sophomore year. It's a great way to go.

    Go ahead. It should work. U just have to be accepted by Wilmington Island as a transfer student. Best Answer, Plz.

Does anyone know who sings the song Street's Of Lorado" and where i can find it online ?

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    Freddie Gerlach
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  • Emiliano Corkery
    Emiliano Corkery
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  • Mohammad Brekke
    Mohammad Brekke
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