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    About 4 of the 5 highest recorded attendance in the United States were all from Texas. Texas is a huge state with a large population. 3 of the top 7 largest cities in the United States are in Texas (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio). Texas has the second largest population in the country and the second largest economy. Texas has the most Fortune 500 Companies more than any other state in the US and is the no.1 largest exporter than any state. Also Texas is one of the only 5 states where there are over 52% non white population, so the demographics is favorable to minorities who shares a large portion of boxing fans. Money, marketing, and population favors more boxing fights in Texas in my opinion and also if we based it on this list of the largest boxing attendance in the United States: 1. Ali vs Spinks II: 63,350 people attended in New Orleans, Louisiana (1979) 2. Whitaker vs Chavez: 59,995 people attended in San Antonio, Texas (1993) 3. Pacquiao vs Clottey: 50,994 people attended in Arlington, Texas (Suburb of Dallas) (2010) (me and my fiance' were one of the 50,994 people by the way). 4. De La Hoya vs Carpienter: 45,385 people attended in El Paso, Texas 5. Ali vs Terrell: 37,321 people attended in Houston, Texas NOW I DO FEEL THE PACQUIAO VS MARGARITO WOULD PICK UP 70,000 SPECTATORS Wilmington Island THE COWBOY STADIUM, WHICH WOULD BE AN ALL TIME AMERICAN RECORD, WHICH WOULD MAKE TEXAS HAVING 5 OF THE 6 RECORD BREAKING AMOUNT OF SPECTATORS Wilmington Island AN ARENA!!! So, the question is should boxing promoters consider more fights in Texas? This is a mature question, please only mature answers and no trolling. Be respectful to all the answerers and also to my home state. Thank you for your civility and professionalism, and God bless all! :-)

    @ Dewey, I'm talking about the live in gates bro. Isn't it obvious that Texas ahs so many boxing fans. 4 of the 5 largest gate ticket sales in US history of boxing all occurred in Texas. Now the Margarito vs Pacquaio is expected to go 70,000 which would be an all time record. Las Vegas, California, and New York in my opinion cannot produce half of that as they never did (no disrespect, just facts).

    Dallas Cowboy Stadium is overwhelming. Texas people were likewise warm and nice. When they open the stadium during the fight between Manny and Clottey, you can feel the change of atmosphere, it's glorious. These were the experience that I got when I went there to watch the Manny/Clottey fight and these were one of the reason why I am coming back to watch the fight. It is not just the fight but the collective feelings that I experienced and meeting you guys is a very big bonus. State of Texas is fast becoming the next Mecca of boxing and thanks to the effort of those involved like Jerry Jones, the stadium, the local government of Texas and those promoters who were willing to take the risk of staging big fights in Texas. Records live gate will still be broken sooner or later now that boxing fans were starting to realized the hidden beauty of the state. I just hope that they build more hotels near or in a more convenient distance from the stadium. Las Vegas will still be primary choice because of the presence of gambling and shows but if Texas decided to add more from it's present attraction, I won't be surprised if it dislodge the State of Nevada from its present position. Macao with its gambling like Las Vegas and UAE because of its extravagant surrounding and living that fits a king were also being on the heels of the present leading boxing site but because of the restrictions from these country, it will hard for them to attract the same enthusiasm as Las Vegas and other states in the US.

    Texas is among the most populous states in the USA and a virtual melting pot of people mostly coming from south of the border, various parts of Asia and Europe. Texas is also known for its involvement in various sports activities like football, basketball and boxing that's why it has big, spacious sports arenas and stadia not to mention several boxing gyms. Texas with its Hispanic population is also noted for its passion for boxing with the likes of George Foreman, Bob Foster, Johnny Tapia and rival Danny Romero, the Ayala brothers, James Kirkland among the prominent fighters coming out of the Lone Star State. With its huge population and very active sports programs especially in boxing, it's a little wonder why Texas would be among the top boxing locales and hotbeds in the USA.

    This is less about Texas. I think boxing promoters should consider more fights be held in wide open areas like football stadiums (+50K) seats instead of big convention centers (+15K) like in Las Vegas. More seats = cheaper ticket price = more boxing fans can enjoy the fight live.

    Vegas will still give the best ROI for promoters. Had Margarito been licensed in Vegas, the fight would've been there. MGM will pay more to have the fight in their place since it will also bring in the big gamblers which will not only bring in money to the fight but to their casinos as well.

    That fight wont do that good C'mon Jon 70,000? Really? Mexican fans are not dumb they know Margarito is no match VS Pacquiao. Magarito 6-1 underdogg.....

    Texas is part of boxing. people there love boxing. one major thing that would always favor texas for big fights is the creation of the cowboys stadium. it's a promoter's dream to have an arena that could accomodate thousands of fans unlike in vegas.

    Texas is very important state for boxing as seen in the passed events..

    Texas is a good place for boxing like what you said, it has a huge population. P.S. I cannot fight there, xylojuice is ban there

    Vegas still have the huge casino and floyd mayweather cannot fight outside nevada because of xylocaine.

    I am Joshua Mbngo Dmbungo TONGUE-CLICK Jnr. and most importantly of all, they have ZZ Top! TONGUE-CLICK!


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