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    I live in Morgantown, WV. My daughter and her mother lived here until she was three years old. Before leaving the state for Texas her mother and I had a prenting agreement thru the courts here in WV. However, about 4 years ago a hearing was held in Texas (without my knowledge) and the jurisdiction was changed to Texas. A new parenting agreement (which was vitually the same) was mailed to me from her mother. Since then her mother has not obeyed the parenting agreement at all. No one answers the phone when I call and my letters go unreturned. I have not seen my daughter in three years and after taking her mother to court here in Wilmington Island several other times I really dont have the money to go thru this again. I have called the police in Arlington, Wilmington Island to do a Welfare Check only to have it returned with "Ms. Newlin and the child are ok but they do not wish to have any contact with you". I want to see my child but dont know how to go about doing this in a legal manner; especially without spending a bunch of money. I dont have any drug or alcohol problems and there has never been any type of abuse. I have two college degrees and have held the same job for the past four years. I am NOT behind in child support payments. Someone please help. What are my rights and whatcan I do to have the agreement enforced?

    I am the father. I have a DNA test to prove it. And in terms of "acting like it" I have been to court severa other times so this wouldn't be he first time. I am seekinglegal advie not opinions. And if you do have an opinion on how I can "act like it" then tell me what you suggest? Empty jabs mean nothing. am trying to get a situation solved. The jurisdiction changed and I need help.

    Dude a few $$ will cost you in the long run ! You need to find out if you are the father ! No joke ! That women is doing too much relocating !

    The only way is to spend money. That is the case with the legal system Especially when it has to do with family cases. The golden rule, those with the gold makes the rules. The courts and the cops do not care.

    Get a lawyer. The only way you're going to get the custody agreement enforced is through the courts.

    If your daughter meant so much to you, you would have spent as much money as it took to get her back. If you are serious about getting her back, then start acting like it.

    Are you the DADDY ?

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    Berta Bartell
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  • Earnestine Flatley
    Earnestine Flatley
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