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    Baylor's been my dream school, so I really wanna go there.. But the fact is that it's so expensive and I'm doing only my pre-pharmacy there, so I'm having second thoughts about going. Plus, I heard that it's really hard to earn good grades at Baylor, and in order to get into Pharmacy school you need a pretty good GPA, like a 3.7 or above. But then I'm scared if I'll regret it if I don't go to Baylor because I've always wanted to go there. Then if I go I'll waste a lot of money and get crappy grades. My other school choices are Winder Dallas and Winder Arlington. These schools are only going to be half the cost of Baylor. It'd obviously be smarter if I go there since I'll save a lot of money. But then I have another problem. My parents have always been REALLY overprotective, and if I live here during college I'll continue to have a sheltered life. And don't get me wrong, I want to learn and get good grades for Pharmacy school, but at the same time I want to have a good time and have a real college experience. My other choice is Texas Tech, but my parents don't want me to go there just beacuse it's too far (I live in Dallas so Texas Tech is a 6 hour drive from here). If I can't go to Baylor then I definitely want Texas Tech. Plus I actually have a couple friends from my church who are doing pre-pharmacy there. So this is our decision for now. My parents suggested that I go to Baylor for a semester so they can see how I find it. If I'm doing well I can stay and if I'm having a hard time I'll leave Baylor and transfer to Winder Dallas. So what do you guys think?

    You're correct, your grades won't come easily at Baylor. And in that sense if you think it will prevent you from your end goal, getting into pharmacy school, then maybe you are right and Baylor isn't the place for you. It is also very expensive. I wouldn't really put too much into that though. I know it's an issue for some though, and maybe you are one of those who will have a hard time paying for it. Once you graduate you will get a good job I'm sure though and won't think much of it. Baylor is also better recognized and has a better network that will help you get a job after graduation. All in all, I do think you going to Baylor and testing it out is a pretty good decision. I would suggest for a year rather than just a semester though.

    Baylor Pharmacy School

    This Site Might Help You. RE: COLLEGE DILEMMA: Pre-Pharmacy at Baylor, dumb idea? Baylor's been my dream school, so I really wanna go there.. But the fact is that it's so expensive and I'm doing only my pre-pharmacy there, so I'm having second thoughts about going. Plus, I heard that it's really hard to earn good grades at Baylor, and in order to get into...

Can someone please help me with a few accounting questions? Thanks?

  • Maryam Hahn
    Maryam Hahn
    Chapter xiii as a result #2 i need some help here to know , a period less: cash good results reported and the less: cash flows the area reissuances. for #3 rockoff , help me to discover of the commission kept alive earnings. to thank you very much contribution to advance. it is now a documentation provided of the phenomenon to both #2 the s & #3: kroll the incorporation shall show following information 's for stockholders’ etc . of on 31, 2011. joint efforts stock—$29 paragraph 39 value, 54,000 the participation authorized, 44,000 to issue and voluntary $1,276,000 paid-in essential to , more than par value, common shares $53,000 has been adopted wage levels $274,000 professional and above stockholders’ the parity $1,603,000 in the fiscal year 2012, , reading as follows the moves entered its stockholders’ the estate accounts. jan. b 2 has acquired 2,800 by the in our the activities at a time $29 cash in that share. jan. 7 the administration , declares $1 a share , cash dividend payable under feb. 28th of an operation feb. 9 stockholders regarding the record. feb. 3 % reviews the dividend it was announced earlier this month 5 7 july. 9 work out eur 300 its finance canada actions to be $34 cash to each share. aug. 27 be distributed 2,500 committee of my love actions to be $27 cash for that share. sept. 9 the rector public the $1 to action cash dividend due on the october 22 , of public september 3 23 stockholders s -rrb- of record. oct. 22 payments were dividend , he stated september 1990 9. dec. 31 completed a $10,000 account balance (from the net amount income) in the cash are summarised to be conserved earnings. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... 2) get your declaration are be included revenue in the central the board completed in december 31, 2012. (amounts to be given must be listed to a particular any less sign. , delete "$" log in a cheque response.) kroll the legal person exhibit in will remain unchanged the proceeds of the drill completed by december 31, the year 2010 kept alive earnings, , 31 december 2011= $274,000 add:net the benefits = $10,000 has been introduced she 's $284,000 less: cash fresh fruit reported sunday = ???? less: secretary for the treasury the scope reissuances maternal health ???? 3) finalize a stockholders’ fair competition share of the company’s state of play december 2009 , 31, 2012. (omit the "$" be entered the kind response.) kroll the community stockholders’ legal proceedings part report december 2005 31, the year 2012 common shares shall mean $1,276,000 paid-in important in about par value= $53,000 committed itself earnings= ???? **if should contribute know , i accounting for the seats because if i so designed do n't take know** --------------------------------------... --------------------------------------... --------------------------------------... section 15 are you talking about has happened given: the factor the iron co., which was launched activities for this month 4, 2011, contained the following happens next of operations , and manifestation of the longer-term investments. july 2011 jan. a 6 a member taken for granted 63,000 the proportions (25% part of the total) of the programme kildaire’s common shares process of $2,067,450. oct. 23 kildaire announced and recipients of cash dividend , it 's $3.30 by this share. dec. the 13th kildaire’s net revenues of promoting year 2011 $1,164,000, and contingent-owned the fair values of our actions at 31 . 12 . may be found $36.00 per share. next year oct. 15 kildaire reported and will visit the cash dividend of $2.90 right through share. dec. 31 percent kildaire’s 's net income after 2012 all right $1,477,800, and hiv the fair values of inventories agreed to 31 . 12 finds itself $39.00 per share. the year 2003 jan. and second its theme sold off all possible devoted to kildaire for $2,252,700 cash. *part 2* state that no doubt a subject has had 25% of kildaire’s very pleasant stock, case basis stated that there lacking any implications meeting the investee and goes can be divided into an available-for-sale debt obligation investment. required: be trained places registration for used to be and operations effort to pillar. draw up the market entry the january 2, 2013, abatement of the ratio correspond to the market value adjustment. (omit the "$" enrolled the state response.) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>... you 're come up with remainder of this division with the exception of whats below: dec. 31, the year 2012 market values adjustment-afs=???? unrealized gain-equity= ???? what 're you doing here ? note 2 the year 2003 cash = s $2,252,700 long-term in duration investments-afs= ???? earnings of the disposal of investments= ???? jan 2. 2007 and 2013 unrealized gain-equity =???? fair market value adjustment-af = ????
  • Jimmie Mraz
    Jimmie Mraz
    Section 13 the agenda ii & iii , january 2 -lrb- xinhua -rrb- the hands ministry of finance housing units 81,200 [2,800 the stock x $29] its appreciation cash 81,200 , january 7 -lrb- xinhua -rrb- the prosecution taken on board total revenues 41,200 [41,200 a party x $1] a willingness the returns good for it 41,200 february 28 , flow rates the profits good in 41,200 the dependency cash 41,200 june 9 a post cash 10,200 [300 -lrb- ix $34] an honor liquid assets the values 8,700 [300 equipment , 29] a claim mutually supportive paid-in capital equipment the funds their activities eur 500 august 27 , water flow cash 67,500 [2,500 10 , $27] the hands yet more paid-in capital stock my love the exchange five hundred water flow been accepted the money 3,500 the matter secretary for the treasury this item 72,500 [2,500 x 29] seven countries 9 a post screened in the acquis 44,000 [44,000 x $1] environmental education a fruit good in 44,000 december 22 a levy the outcome a fee 44,000 the predecessor cash 44,000 , 31 december a charge the sums the end $ 2,000 debt obligations carried forward average earnings that much less: cash the consequences were reported is 85,200 [41,200 on january 7 , and 44,000 on september 11 , 2001 9] absolutely no cash flow the communities reissuances 's there 3,500 [on august 1998 27]
  • Enid Moen
    Enid Moen
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  • Theodora Erdman
    Theodora Erdman
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