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    Hi I have a bachelor degree in Financial Economics and currently working in the pension industry. I'm an pension analyst with about a year and a half of experience. I plan to move to dallas next year and because I'm from NYC its a risky move. I will have to quit my job, move to dallas, buy a car and then find a decent paying job. With my four year degree in Financial Economics and about two years working experience in a pension fund, can I find a job? I would like to continue working in pension or at least something finance related.

    DUDE? Dallas is booming right now theirs people coming from as far as Italy, Georgia, Cali4sa where ever to work in Big D, its rocking and plenty of great looking chicks here! Move North of Dallas or on the outter subb. areas. Dont live in Arlington no the mid cities too old. Frisco, has alot of new money, Many of the new places have alot to do. Trust me, You'll never want to leave Texas again. Good Luck!

    The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a big financial hub in Texas, so I don't think you'll have a problem starting up your career again once you get there. But if I were you, I'd get the job first, then try to get a relocation package, then plan your move. Don't move there without at least a job offer in your hand.

    I would try to get the job before I move. You can schedule several interviews during a Monday and just take off one day. Otherwise, you will need a large savings to get by until you secure a nice position. Dallas has alot of insurance companies. Seems to me it would be better to get a job in Winder and TRANSFER with your company. Try that first.

    To make it in dallas, you HAVE to have a degree. I lived there, I know from experience. also, they have the DART. it's the train that goes to and from downtown and whatnot. definitely use that instead of attempting to drive downtown to work (cause that is most likely where you'll be working!) Traffic on 75 is hell. if Dallas doesn't work out for you, try Austin. about 200 miles south IH35. TONS of opportunities there, too. in Dallas, I'd suggest living in one of the small towns out of it, like Plano, Addison or Richardson. if in Dallas, North Dallas is nice.

    Journey it for me. can no longer get it over here yet I used to visual demonstrate unit the teach each and every week, it used to completely unwind me after an prolonged day of reducing hair. no longer something extra relaxing after an prolonged day to your ft, hubby and son asleep, me in my PJ's on the settee observing Dallas.It became into as quickly as so cheesy yet super relaxing besides. In 2000 as quickly as we have been merely traveling my MIL fabulous here in Hungary she particularly became into humorous. She could artwork tough at age 80 all day long in her backyard, end dinner early hop into mattress together with her cats all round her and watch previous reruns of Dallas. It was between the main insane portion of hear solid historic JR speaking in Hungarian with a translator overdubbing his voice. No Texas twang in any comprehend. It became into as quickly as captivating that a teach like which would be enjoyed via way of an 80 365 days historic Hungarian women years after it was off the air in america. i will could desire to settle for some netfilx later this night.

Getting a bigger house before having kids?

  • Trenton Huel
    Trenton Huel
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  • Enos Fisher
    Enos Fisher
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  • Ludwig Cartwright
    Ludwig Cartwright
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