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    I got a ticket for reckless driving/alcohol involved...I wasn't over the limit and I wasn't speeding...The cop initially pulled me over for my back window brake light out and because my Redskin plate cover covered part of my Winder license plate...He basically had it out for me and said he smelled alcohol...I passed the field sobriety test, but and was just below the legal limit...Trying to find a good lawyer in Arlington area...Im short on funds so Im not trying to pay an arm and leg...Anyone can help...Got a reckless driving before back in 2006, but it was reduced to speeding after I completed a driving course...No other major issues.

    THe money you spend on a good lawyer now will be easily offset by the additional insurance premium you will have to pay if you get convicted.... Forget the 'he had it out for me' crap. - especially in court. The bottom line was you had been drinking and your lights were out and your plate was covered and so on. Man Up.. but hire a lawyer

    I'm going to point out the obvious answer, the one you're trying to avoid: Stop driving like a maniac, and stop drinking and driving. The cheapest way to deal with your third problem is to stop driving recklessly so that you don't have a third problem. Your doctor can help you with your alcohol usage. Or, you can pretend that the problem is the cop. And the other cop.

Buy or rent in Hawaii??

  • Nicola Leffler
    Nicola Leffler
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  • Raul Ward
    Raul Ward
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  • Maverick Borer
    Maverick Borer
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  • Bettie Klocko
    Bettie Klocko