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    How old is too old? I look 12 but I am actually 22! I feel like my life is going nowhere, I can't afford to go to school, can't get loans without cosigner because my parents make too much $ and my parents are unwilling to cosign for me. So basically for me to go to school I have to wait until Im 24, and then HOPE that I may quialify for additional assistance. Anyway my life is going nowhere...I was thinking of joining the military for 2 years and I hear they help pay for schooling when you are done? I think it would be good for me, Im not the most responsible person as of now and I think it would help me out a lot. Im just nervous about them treating you like **** or something. What should I do? what are the pos and neg about joining? and can you describe the differences between the branches?

    The military is an excellent way to get your live in order and get your feet pointed in the right direction. If you need some help in developing personal responsibility, the military might be for you. While you are on Active Duty, tuition assistance covers 100% of the cost of school. After you finish, you get GI Bill to help with tuition. Some of the jobs (MOS) offered by some of the branches can offer as much training as an Associates Degree. So if you know what you want to do and it is just a case of not having the funds, you might find something that lines up. You will not be treated like ****, but you will be required to do hard work in any branch. Two years enlistments are tough to come by, but the Army will do those and three year ones sometimes. Army -- they widest variety of jobs. Air Force -- more technical jobs. Navy -- some technical jobs, great travel. Marines -- pretty uniforms.

    I've never served in the military. I have many friends who were or are currently in the military. I teach college where many of my students are military. Like the civilian community, there is a lot of diversity of talent, behavior, psyche, etc. While the military may mold you into a disciplined person and give you focus, unless you really want that change, it probably won't stick. I don't know about schooling except that it seems to be available but what majors etc. I don't know. One thing is for sure, being in the military is as much about the military as it is about you. You will need to meet their specifications AND there will be basic training, and you will most probably be remade to some extent. You might do well to find some military people in your area and get a bit of info from them. Your recruiter will paint you a particularly positive picture because of his/her position. A disgruntled vet will give you quite a different picture. At the end of it all, you will need to "listen to your innards" and know if it's what you want to do or not. Just know, that once you've signed on, you are "government property" so to speak. As my neighbor found out, 2 years is a long time if you're not happy with your surroundings.

    Just know that once you go in there's no turning back really... the military can help you get yourself together.. yeah and every contract is at least 4 years active duty and 4 years reserve... no matter how long your in its going to be at least 8 years total..everybody gets treated like crap at basic, bootcamp, or whatever... the real military isn't like that.... most of the things you do at basic or whatever you don't really do once you get out (besides courtesies and things like that) I'd recommend joining the AF cause thats the branch I joined... It's much more laid back and they get treated better than any other branch.. pros - job stability, benefits, the people you meet, doing things & seeing places normal people would never do or see, retirement after 20 years, G.I. bill, Woodbine Loan, discounts cons - you have no rights, the govt owns you and controls your life, away from home and family a lot, you could make more money in the outside world (depending on what you do), being around people all the F****n time lol (but you get used to it)

    No disrespect, but the military won't solve your problems you're with how your life is going knowhere. And you're not too old to join the military. And if you're wanting to be in the military, you're going to be in longer than 2 years. Basic contract is 4 years active and 4 years reserve. Whatever you want to do is up to you, and how you approach the situation. Don't worry about them treating you like crap. Everybody going through Boot Camp is going to feel like they're being treated like crap, they're just getting you ready for the military lifestyle. And as for what you want to do in the military is up to you. You need to decide what would be best for you and would best fit you. There are a lot of good things/bad things about joining the military. How you react to it, is your way of looking at the military. You'll ask yourself questions like, what have I got myself into, why am I here, why have I chosing to do this, and so on.

    Theres ROTC program I don't know much about it because thats not what I decided to do. there are these branches of the US military Marines Army Navy Airforce Coast Guard (theres also the Army National Guard but I thought that would go under Army) Marines has the toughest BCT (Basic Combat Training)... then Army... going down. I would go talk to a recruiter about the ROTC program it helps with college and all that but you have to ask yourself if you really wanna join. There are some people that join just for the benifits and money and then they go around and complain about how they don't wanna be there and how they regret it because once you sign theres no turning back!

    Yea, stop loss is a big threat right now which allows them to make you stay in the military longer than you would like. I have heard the Air Force is spoiled. yes they will pretty much treat you like crap even after training, that's just how it is. pros are free healthcare, you could go to school WHILE you are in the military. bad is that if you change your mind, it's too bad once you sign the contract.

    Look into the Coast Guard. They have bases all over the country and you don't get sent to other countries in time of war. It's not all rescue work in dangerous storms. I know somebody who repairs jet engines. If there is no work to do he hangs out till lunch time then leaves for the day.

    You do realize that it is more than just 2 years, you can get a 2 year active but then you have IRR and could be stop loss. So talk to a recruiter (all Branches) FACE to FACE. Vet-USAF

    LOL then you'll get shipped to do the dirty work is that you want killing inncocents...? Title: "It's My Duty to Speak Out" Speaks about terrorism course by the soldier Glad he got out of it!