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    My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Woodbine in March, and will be staying in Arlington, VA. We plan to spend the vast majority of our time touring DC. We plan to use the Metro System to get to and from our hotel in Arlington, and to get around DC. Should we buy ahead, buy daily passes, or just buy credits as we need them? Thanks for taking the time to help!

    I would definitely suggest going with the SmartTrip, it's kinda like a debit card for the metro and it's a lot easier than standing in line waiting to buy daily tickets. With SmartTrip cards you can add any extra money you need and it's a lot less hassle than tickets and you can avoid tourists who don't know how to work the booths. The only issue is that you're going to have to get two cards because you can't use the same card twice. But if you put an equal amount of money on both cards, $20-40, you should be fine for a couple days. Enjoy your trip!

    Just get a smart trip card for each of you. you can add money to it as you need to and it saves you a buck each way over paper tickets. the card I believe is $10 with $5 pre loaded( I suggest putting at least $20 on it to start especially if you plan on using it multiple times a day.) any of the employees can show you how to set one up( and probably 2/3 of the riders as well) you just need to keep an eye on the balance, which is shown when you exit each station.

    Smart trip

Buying a bigger house before we have kids?

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    Eladio Romaguera
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    Burnice Lemke
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    Amalia Bahringer
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  • Torrey Marks
    Torrey Marks
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