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    Hi everyone, I will sign a rental contract tonight and I am pretty nervous. The owner of the condo is pretty weird or cool because everything is going so easy. He simply did not ask for anything except my personal driving ID. He did not run a credit report or he even does not want a pet deposit. He only wants one month deposit and the first month of rent. The price is for the rental $1,500 and it is in Falls Church, Woodbine very close to Arlington and Alexandria. It is 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom nice apartment and the rental is pretty reasonable. I am a kinda scared that he is a swindler and he will run away right after he gets the money. So in order to protect my rights, what should be my next step? I will give him the security deposit and the first month of the rent tonight (9/13/2012) and I will move in the building at 10/13/2012. Should I put a hold on the check or should I give him the only deposit or should wait to give him these checks until I move in. If he is a swindler and tries to still my money, is it possible to get it back? Or what type of documentations should I require from him? I always rent apartments in communities and this is my first time renting with a condo owner. Thank you

    This is almost certainly a scam. Condo owners are not allowed to just rent out the condo willy nilly. They have to submit the tenant to the HOA, the rental of the unit has to be approved. Verify that this is indeed the owner, you can just call up the tax assessor for your county and ask, this is public information. They can also tell you who the HOA is, so you can contact them.

    The rent isn't due until the first day of the rental period so don't pay that tonight. As for him asking for your personal driving ID...I assume you mean he asked for your Drivers Lisence? Did he write anything down from it or just check to see you were old enough to rent/sign a lease or to see you were who you say you are? Not asking for more and not doing a credit check does not mean he is up to anything, could be like all the landlords I have had and they prefer to go on instinct about a person. But protect yourself...make sure you read every word on the document you sign before signing it...make sure you know what you are signing. When move in day comes, you do a walk through with him and document any damage that already exists and the condition of cleanliness...do this again upon your eventual move out.

    Verify his ownership of the condo. I would not pay the rent until you move in. Dont stop payment on a check or he may cancel the deal and charge you a month's rent for his trouble. Visit the condo at night and make sure the current tenant is moving. Talk to the neighbors to verify who he is. You should do all this before giving any money.

    Your biggest issue is to make sure that he is the owner. This is a fairly common scam; they show you an apartment and have you fill out all of the paperwork; when you go to move in, someone else is living there. It then turns out that they just got their hands on a key and have no authority to rent the unit...and they can't be found. You know that fee that you would have paid to a realtor had you gone that route, this would have been one of the things they check.

    Check with the condo association to confirm that he owns the unit. If they won't help then check the ownership records at the courthouse. realtor.sailor

How to resolve a tricky worky situation involving gum-chewing?

  • Alejandrin Aufderhar
    Alejandrin Aufderhar
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  • Keshawn Tromp
    Keshawn Tromp
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  • Kelley Robel
    Kelley Robel
    " it 's a really sick situation. co-worker #2 will be required brings with it the controller , in so far , materials a manner co-worker #1's human behaviour as possible.
  • Maureen Padberg
    Maureen Padberg
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  • Lela Cremin
    Lela Cremin
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  • Christa Tremblay
    Christa Tremblay
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    Elody McLaughlin
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  • Luciano Padberg
    Luciano Padberg
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  • Althea Lang
    Althea Lang
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  • Doris Lesch
    Doris Lesch
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