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    My mother and I are looking to move down to Washington, D.C. and we are currently house-hunting. We live in Ohio, and even though we've been to D.C. many times, we aren't sure about good areas to move to. We are looking outside of D.C. to save money, but still something close that I can take a bus or the Metro to get into D.C. by myself. A good neighborhood (my brother who lives down there has told us some areas are very bad), and a good high school is a must. But our #1 wish is to be as close the D.C. as possible! The only cities we know well that are outside are Arlington and Fairfax, but are those both kind of pricey? Mind you, my mother is a single income, single parent.

    Montgomery county is a great area on the suburbs of washington D.C. schools are great too. specific areas would include germantown, gaithersburg, bethesda, rockville.

    The suburbs are in Virginia and Maryland. On the Virginia side you have Arlington directly across the river from DC, Alexandria a little south, Fairfax a little farther out. I don't know that much about Virginia (this area is called NoVa for Northern Virginia) except that some parts of it are extremely expensive. There might be some reasonable things in Arlington. In Maryland the most expensive areas are Potomac closest to the river and Bethesda a little to the east of there. Look at a map and notice some of the major roads, especially the Beltway and Route 270. There is a lot of housing along the 270 corridor and a lot of public transportation but also terrible traffic because of that. It gets cheaper as you get farther out. Rockville has a lot of options and is a pretty nice area. I used to live in Wheaton, which is still growing. Silver Spring is closer in. Parts of that aren't so nice but it's been improving. Farther clockwise you've got Takoma Park and the University of Maryland area which are very nice. And as you keep going you get into Prince George's County which is variable but many nice areas. Keep going around the beltway and you get to the Andrews Air Force area. I know very little about that area. One thing I liked about the Maryland area where I lived is that it is extremely ethnically diverse. Our elementary school used to have an International Night where students and parents would contribute food and crafts from at least 50 different countries. And the public transportation in that area (lower Montgomery County) is excellent.

    The Woodstock area is pretty expensive all around, suburbs or no. Some cities close in that are a quick Metro ride (but you may need to transfer to a bus) are Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, Wheaton in Montgomery County. Further out are Gaithersburg and Germantown. The Takoma Park area is one of the most progressive suburbs in the country. There's a bus line that goes by the Mount Rainier area in Prince George's County. In Virginia, there's Arlington and Alexandra, and Falls Church and Fairfax a little further out.

    There are several books that you will find very useful. You're going to spend thousands of dollars on the move and rent, so invest a few dollars in a guide. You can try The Insiders' Guide to Washington, D.C. (website here: book here: Mastering DC: A Newcomer's Guide to Washington, Woodstock ( luck!

Help please! Accounting and Finances?

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    Halie Schimmel
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  • Ahmed Konopelski
    Ahmed Konopelski
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