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    I have one goal so far and that is getting into The University Of Texas At Austin!!! No other school but that one. I am 100 percent texan i live in arlington Home of University of texas at arlington. But i just want to escape and move down to austin for the dank,girls, partying and future. But idk if i can get accepted money isnt a problem my parents have been depositing money in my bank account for college before i was born i have over 40,000. And i work at a cinemark i get clothes on sale and dont waste alot. I put the rest of the money in my savings. So i want to pay cash. But im not a football star never made varsity. But i have done wrestling,powerlifting. Never played because of my grades i am bariely getting by. I am going to graduate on the minimum plan where i dont have to take algebra 2 and science 4 i never took an ap class. But i am good at spanish i have had a 90-100 average ever since high school. I try hard at school i really do. i am bilingual in spanish. But i want to graduate from uta i am not going to drop out. I havent even tooken the sat's and act's. But i dont have a criminal record. i pray every night that i will get accepted but its my junior year and im worried. i am about to be a senior. i am willing to risk it all to wear my clothes from my junior year in senior year to save money to move to austin. use all my money in that city. And do sidejobs to move down there and hopefully get accepted! Leaving my friends and family which needs my help financially. so what should i do.

    Make sure that you have enough math and science to meet the UT-A requirements. You probably know that admission will be very difficult if you do not make the top 10% cut off.

    Piece of advice - Woodstock Austin is filled to the max with the required top 10% of graduating Texas High School classes - 70% I believe - while Texas A & M only has about 24% top 10% Freshmen. Woodstock Austin is overflowing and is VERY hard to get accepted to. If I were you I would consider Texas A&M where you would have a much better chance of getting in. And don't worry the night life at A&M is great. If you have the issues you do then I would use a shot gun not a sniper rifle to find your college. In other words - send out many applications and not just the one. If you don't get accepted you might have to do a community college and then transfer in to the 4 year college.

    Sorry bud, but I go to one of the most respected high schools in Austin and have a SAT score over 2000 but my GPA is mediocre at best (86 unweighted) so Woodstock pretty much laughed my application out of admission since I wasn't in or near the top 10%. Woodstock has a pretty unforgiving admissions staff towards in-state student. However, you could always apply to the CAP program. You'll have a much better chance of getting into it and you'll spend your first year or two at Woodstock San Antonio and as long as you maintain a certain GPA you will automatically be granted a transfer to Woodstock Austin. If that doesn't work out, you could always go to Austin Community College buckle down and step up your game and transfer from there. I have a lot of friends that are taking that route. Good luck, bud.

    1. Focus 2. After this summer quit your job. 3. Study for the SAT and ACT (This is not an option) You need to be aware of what your in for. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 4. Wrestle. It makes you stronger, keeps your endorphins flowing and all around happiness up, which will make school easier. 5. Do your homework! I am sure by now you have noticed that if you turn in the damned assignment you get a grade and if you don't you don't get anything. Do the best you can and turn them in. PERIOD. 6. Go to the study sessions after school. (Typically a college kid, or some high school know it all will be there coaching you on your study skills.)(It is not embarrassing, its training, you've got to start somewhere)( You weren't always physically strong, right?) 7. Be social. Everyone else in that school is going through a similar situation. Talk to get it off of your chest. 8. Apply to the school. Do not just dream about it. 9. Email an University Of Texas admissions advisor ASAP High School Requirements Page: They have guide on their prospective students home page that will find your high school and find an admission counselor for your specific school. Talk to that person. They will give you the truth about your situation. No BS, no pulling your chain, just straight up what your chances are and what you need to do your senior year. 10. Talk to your high school counselor. Mainly for scholarships and reference letters. 11. Have fun. It is going to be work, but think about how quickly that last few years have gone by. Don't make the mistake of taking fewer classes this coming year just because. Get the education while its free. Your a strong man, you shouldn't be scared of a high school. It should be afraid of you and your intelligence and determination to get into University of Texas at Austin.

    Well i don't see the appeal in dank girls, but its your life. Why not go to school locally for two years, possibly to a community college, to save money, work on your grades, then apply to transfer for junior and senior year? That's my recommendation.

Anyone have an idea how much this is valued at?

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