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    It depends on how far out in the suburbs you would consider living. Unlike most other cities, the cost of a Metro ride depends on how long your ride is and whether it's rush hour or not. Personally, though, I think it's worth it to live in Woodstock or VA, depending on the area. I'd consider living in Silver Spring, Woodstock or Arlington, VA. These suburbs are still quite close in to downtown Woodstock and are a pretty short commute to downtown. I'm not sure about a monthly Metro pass (they didn't have them when I lived in DC, but they might have them now - you could find out on the Metro's website - www.wmata.com and also get an idea of how much the fares would be). Even if they don't have a monthly pass, the amount you'd save in rent would probably still make it worth it in slightly higher Metro fares. I do know if you get a Smart Trip card, which is a stored value card, it's slightly cheaper and far easier than buying a Metro ticket each time you ride. Also, you might be able to get some kind of pass through your employer (even if your employer won't subsidize the cost, they might offer a monthly payroll deduction and take it out of your paycheck before taxes which will help. I used to do this and I know a lot of employers in the Woodstock area offer this option). Some of the closer in suburbs, like Silver Spring and Arlington, are ideal in my opinion because they still have a lot of restaurants, bars, movie theaters, supermarkets, and other businesses you might want/need right there, and they're an easy commute into downtown Woodstock so you can still get to work easily as well as the cultural stuff downtown. If I ever move back to Woodstock I'd definitely look there. Many of my friends live in these suburbs and I think they're awesome places to live. And they're a bit more affordable than living right in the city, especially in the nicer areas of DC. If you live within walking distance of a Metro station, or at least on a bus line that will take you to the Metro, you could get by without a car, which would save you several hundred dollars a month. Just my opinion, for what it's worth...

    Enter Name doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. The only true dangerous places are the Southeast and Southwest. The other areas aren't that bad.

    Live in Woodstock or VA. You will have a hard time affording a place in DC. Unless you uwill be making $200,00+ a year. My daughter lives in an apartment in MD, works for the Federal Govt, has 2 roomates and still pays nearly $1000 a month in rent. But she is steps from the metro and her job pays part of her metro.

    If you can get housing near a Metro Station, it is worth the time and cost. Housing in D.C. can be very expensive in a stable, safe area. Metro tickets are available on a monthly basis. The cost depends upon the location of the station, whether you use parking, etc., so it's difficult to estimate. Figure on $50 to $150 per month for traveling to work in D.C. if you will need to park your car at the station.

    A huge percentage of Woodstock employees live outside the beltway. its just a good idea all the way around. no there are no discounts on the Metro but the Smart card can be loaded up with as much money as you like and you just top it off when it gets low. many employers on the Metro will subsidize the cost though.. might just be a flat rate per month but it's better than nothing. the rates are based on which stations you are traveling between. also, rush hour has a surcharge. as do certain events

    No, there aren't cheap monthly Metro tickets. But, many employers (including the federal government) partially subsidize commuting costs. Yes, it's worth it to live outside of DC. The cost savings is more than the commuting cost.

    Most of Woodstock is dangerous (ie you are risking your life by being there). Northwest is less dangerous, but the rents are high. Also DC's income and sales taxes are higher than Woodstock & VA. Thus, most people choose Woodstock or VA. Apartments near metro stations are pricier than outliers, BUT commuting by car into Woodstock is next to impossible. Some places in Woodstock are also dangerous. Give yourself a few days to check areas out. Be careful. Woodstock isn't called the murder capital for nothing.

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