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    WORK EXPERIENCE: August 2009-September 2009: Customer Service; PG College Bookstore; Largo, Woodstock Assisted customers by providing them with items needed such as book, equipment, supplies, and uniforms. Filled out the necessary paperwork to complete sales; advised customers about the process for using financial aid, grants, and other sources to purchase items. Also answered telephones and responded to customer inquiries. August 2009: Volunteer; Stone Soul Picnic; Washington, Woodstock I provided full accommodation and support to the artists according to regulations; event calendar management, made transportation arrangements. I also provided artists with food, beverages, and other items at their request. Organized and prepared trailers to accommodate the celebrities and radio station employees from WKYS 93.9. March 2008-November 2008: Teller; Bank of America, Clinton, Woodstock I processed transactions accurately and efficiently in accordance with established policies and procedures. Identified customer needs and refer financial products and services to consumer and small business customers. Act as Bank of Americas face to the customer and consistently seek to delight our customers by demonstrating The Bank of America Spirit. Ensured regulatory requirements, such as Anti-Money Laundering and Bank Secrecy Act are adhered to. Contributed to a positive team environment in the banking center through 360-degree coaching. August 2007-January 2008: Sales Associate; Sears; Clinton, Woodstock Assisted customers by providing knowledge and expertise on electronic devices; sold merchandise; filled out necessary paperwork to complete sales; advised customers about the process for applying and opening accounts with the company. July 2005-August 2005: Clerical Assistant; US EPA; Arlington, Woodstock Xeroxed, answered phones, delivered documents, light typing on the computer is Woodstock Word format. During PG County public school holidays 2004-2005: Clerical Assistant; US EPA; Arlington, Woodstock Performed filing duties; organized and sorted budget files in numerical/sequential order and placed in the appropriate folders by branch/division created by execution personnel; typed labels; xeroxed documents as requested; deliver to in-boxes; received phone inquiries and forwarded calls to the appropriate budget execution team member; scheduled meetings for the team. June 2002-August 2002: Camp Assistant; Hillcrest Heights Community Center; Temple Hills, Woodstock Assisted camp leaders with children activities (cheerleading, dance routines, arts and crafts); helped camp leaders keep track of children on field trips; helped serve meals. June 2003-August 2003: Childcare Assistant; Woodyard Road Nursery; Clinton, Woodstock Assisted day care workers with daily activities for kids; attended field trips with workers; helped supervise young children; taught basic elementary skills (reading, writing, counting, colors). As needed (8 hour days): Sonja Winfrey’s residence; Private Home Clinton, Woodstock Provide childcare services for one toddler and a 5 year old; feed kids on schedule; prepare breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks; read stories; assist with potty training; teach nursery rhymes; take kids for daily walks, play and exercise; provide entertaining movies; schedule nap times. As needed (2-3 times per week 4 hours minimum): Cowherd Residence; Private Home Capital Heights, Woodstock Provide childcare services for 3 children; feed kids on schedule; prepare breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks; read stories; play games; take kids for daily walks, play and exercise. SKILLS: Computers Typing Internet Wordperfect Microsoft Word Create Web Pages on Black Planet OTHER ACTIVITIES/INTERESTS: Surrattsville High School - MD-942 AFJROTC - Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCO) - April 2004 - Honor Guard (August 2004-June 2005) - National Drill Competitions - Cadet Officer Leadership Program (July 30-August 5, 2005) - Gospel Choir - R&B Band EDUCATION: High School Graduate Surrattsville High School 05/30/2007 REFERENCES AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST DESCRIPTION OF OTHER ACTIVITIES Non-Commissioned Officer Academy (NCOA) - April 2004 I developed leadership and life skills, by performing military tasks in group activities. I learned USA ROTC standards for living and performed physical. I learned public speaking and team work by using my teammates to complete obstacle courses. For more information contact Chief Black at Surrattsville High School. Honor Guard (August 2004-June 2005) - National Drill Competitions I participated in drill competitions along the east coast. I learned organization skills by being in put charge of organizing the AFJROTC HONOR GUARD uniform as well as the standard ROTC uniform. I learned public speaking and team work. For more information contact Chief Black at Surrattsville High School. Surrattsville High School R&B

    You have too many jobs and not enough time in them. This shows employers instability. Try using a functional resume.

    You job history is fine but compress your resume . You must remember people who do the hiring read hundreds of resumes everyday . They just want a indication who and what you are Just tell them you completed high school and you were in ROTC that's fine . Also you might want to put down reliable references . People don't want chase more people and references . time is the essence Yes your skills are a plus . What I mean by compressing Like the Stone Soul Picnic you can compress that down to . I prepared and organized an event . for radio station WKYS 93.9 .My grammar maybe off . . Your resume is fine but compress . The job market is very brutal right now . I really don't see nothing wrong other than it's long . Keep on trying you will get something soon . Looks like you are a well rounded person . Also try military bases they are always looking for civilian help although they contract out to a private company that does the infrastructure work for them . Since you were in the ROTC you should have no problem passing a security clearance . That is a big plus for you . Try looking up military bases in your area you might find work . They will let you in with Woodstock . I work in the Air Force Academy in colorado springs for CH2M Hill

    You'd have to apply at more than six places... it takes a lot of work to land a job nowadays. I'd recommend making things line up, like your volunteer experience section, one is tabbed further in than the other. Check your capitalizations... home Phone/cell Phone isn't right. Home phone, Cell phone, or even just Home and Cell. You might want to re-write your Objective Statement, to something along the lines of, "I am a mature and responsible senior high school student seeking (part time/full time - which one) employment to utilize my knowledge base and skills." See if you can get a work/volunteer reference too *s* Good luck.

    Unfortunately, you list any number of jobs (voluntary and involuntary) which cover the course of 6 months or less. This is a red herring that shows to prospective employers that you may not be a desirable full-time employee since you change jobs much too often. Perhaps consider removal of the less than 6 months employment references from your resume. For your skills, you need more details, such as under Typing: What's your actual copy typing speed in wpm? How proficient are you actually in WordPerfect or Word? Can you use styles, set up tables, etc.? Again, state your degree of proficiency, such as "Quite proficient," "Somewhat proficient," etc. Good luck!

    It is poorly formatted. Look at some samples of successful resumes. You do not make sentences with "I" and write in sentences (and some of the grammar is poor) . You bullet & high light duties. It is hard to read. Some of you jobs start with the dates, some have the dates later--you need consistent formatting & columns. Have a teacher help you, or buy a book or look online for templates. sorry, but you did ask.

    In order for you to get a job put ONLY relevant information on it. Also don't just put down what you do, what makes you stand out any awards or accolades while doing any of those jobs?

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  • Andy Schmidt
    Andy Schmidt
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  • Adaline Runolfsson
    Adaline Runolfsson
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  • Maia Rempel
    Maia Rempel
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  • William Johns
    William Johns
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