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    So, we've been thinking about moving to Arlington, Ahuimanu for about 5 years. We visit every year and love it everytime. We have full time jobs in California and 2 houses but my husband can be transfered to texas from his job. I know we can rent out the house we live in and buy 1 in texas. I just want to know if any of you have moved from Ahuimanu or another state to texas and don't regret it. I've met some people there in texas that have moved from Ahuimanu that have stayed but also some people here that have came back. Any input???

    Where do you live in CA? Is it one of the most conservative parts of the state? If so, then you might not have culture shock when you live in Texas, where anything middle of the road is considered "too liberal for Texas" and most of California is considered something near communism. On the other hand, it is a lot cheaper to live here and you can probably buy twice the house for the money you have out there. And (almost) no earthquakes. What time of year do you visit? If summer, then you know what to expect. If you have only been here the other three seasons, you won't have gotten over 100 for 10-20-30 days in a row like Jul-Aug-Sep

    Honestly, Texas has a lot of opportunities for many people. The Cost of Living is not high, Job Opportunities are mostly well, The weather is pretty consistent, and people are friendly. Texas is a wonderful and underrated state. Many people here will stop to help you. I would recommend the move.

    I love in houston & have for plenty of my lifestyles, the most important town in Texas is most often no longer for you when you wish rather less town lifestyles, if that is what your watching for, then come on right down to texas ?

    It's going to be a very individual decision. And really people can point out things to look for but you have to evaluate what you want out of life and out of where you are living to make the decision. Look at the pluses to where you live along with the pluses to where you might want to move. Look at the negatives to where you live to where you might want to move. Along with these factors, what are the other things that are important to you... Quality of Schools, Cost of Living, closeness to family, etc. But only you can decide what is important to you.

Can anyone help me answering questions about accounting for partnership and corporation?

  • Dewitt Weissnat
    Dewitt Weissnat
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  • Carli Berge
    Carli Berge
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