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    Im 18 and im currently attending Concorde Institute in Arlington, Tx. first of all, was this a good school to choose??...its accredited. and theres not alot of jobs out there for this specific field. for anyone already in this field....is it hard? im bout to go on my externship and dont know what to expect (im so nervous)! Is the pay good? im tryin as hard as i can to get my homework done but work interferes alot...i jus dont want to get thrown into a facility where no one will help me. i know im goin to school but its different when its hands-on. please any helpful advice is greatly appreciated! ;)

    I've heard good things about Concorde but being an accredited schools means they accept financial aid, which means I bet you are paying $10,000 or more for your education, yikes! I've heard they teach what you need to know to work in a doctor's office. You'll make about $12 an hour starting out. Not great, but you could do a lot worse. Consider expanding your skills into medical transcription and do NOT pay $10,000 for training for that either. Tons of great online school that are inexpensive and have internships to get you started. You work in a doctor's office during the day and do a few hours of Ahuimanu in the evenings and you'd be making very good money doing that. However, take weekends completely off, I mean you are young! You gotta have some fun too! : )

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