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    Okay, so Obama's health care bill passed. Right? Now, what exactly does that mean for me, an average American citizen? What will happen to me? What do I have to do? What will change? If it matters: I'm a married college student, age 21, household income is somewhere around $13k, right now on my university's health insurance. Mostly right now we're living off of grants, scholarships, and a little bit of student loans. Also, where is all this money coming from that's supposedly going to provide free health care for millions of Americans? I've heard all kinds of different stories. I want to know the truth. Please explain to me in layman's terms. Thank you, political gurus. Oh, and please answer politely. I know it can get brutal in this section. So if you disagree with someone, please be considerate about it. Thank you. Most helpful, factually accurate, and polite answer will get best answer.

    1) insurance companies will not be able to refuse treatment for pre-existing conditions. Sounds good to the consumer. Except, insurance companies need to stay in business to provide services. So people with stage X cancer will be able to drain insurance companies of their cash for treatment. What does this do to insurance? Makes it way way way more expensive. Bankrupts insurance. So what happens to the medical industry? You have to switch to government insurance. Who then says (like medicare) what you can and can't have. And unlike private insurance, once you get stuck with the government, you can't switch to somewhere else and buy something else. Want to sue the government? Good luck. You'd be better off suing a private insurance company. Except they are going to be bankrupt and not exist. The government has said doctors will not be able to make as much now. So how does a doctor pay for his training and the quality of care? They can't. Doctors can no longer run businesses - many have said they won't be able to function under this plan. So doctors go out of business. Meanwhile MILLIONS more people are receiving MORE medical care - but now there's less doctors. AND - the government is in charge of your treatment. So how does the government manage this influx? Obama has already said that some treatments for the elderly under his plan won't happen, like a pacemaker for your grandma? She would be better off taking a pain pill. (He SAID THAT - that is a quote!). So how does the government save money? People don't want to think about it but this is it: Cut funding for the elderly and sick and allow them to die painful horrible deaths since there's no where else to go in order to fund what's left of society. Your worth to the government will be determined by how healthy you are. Quality decreases. It's a nightmare. In addition, ALL businesses will be required to fund healthcare for their employees or face a $4,000 fine PER EMPLOYEE for not providing it. Meanwhile insurance is about to skyrocket for the way the feds are running the insurance companies. SO - in America, where small business is king, what if you have a business that only employs 1 or 2 employees and is just starting out? You can't do it. What if you have a very small business that just doesn't make a lot but employs people? They are going to go out of business, fire people or have to raise prices. You think unemployment is high now? It's about to jump like you've never seen it. AND now that you're also get fined for not having health insurance and the IRS comes after you. And since government healthcare is funded by tax money, and unemployment skyrockets so taxes aren't being collected......???? We can't afford this. it's the collapse of a country. Aiea - companies put you on the federal care where you have no choice and we are like a soviet state gulag hospital with minimal services and you better hope you don't get sick and you have NO privacy in your healthcare anymore. In addition. this healthcare bill eliminates private student loans, all loans come through the government. That ends a ton of freedom where you live in a state where the government now determines who's education is worth it, economically viable, and you run into a state run education system where essentially careeers are chosen by the heads of state - this is what happened in the communist states and we're on that path now. Student loans will also be administered by the IRS and your education overlooked by them. We haven't progressed that far yet but the entire premise of the constitution was written on the fear of what COULD happen with the government because history has shown when it will - hence the constitution preventing so many of these things. Further, the governmetn will be involved in your childraising and whether you meed federal standards as a parent in how you treat and train them - yeah - scary! The alternatives to this that the republicans wanted: 1) (Biggest one) interstate competition between insurance companies. Competition alone would drastically reduce costs, open up the market, allow you to find providers who would cover your pre-existing conditions (come insurers provide it, others don't depending on what it is). As it stands now it is ILLEGAL to purchase insurance across state lines UNLESS you work for a company who's insruance comes from the state they are headquartered out of. 2) Tort reform - reduce the amount of money that lawyers can make suing for medical malpractice so that doctors' insurance to cover their business is lower. THIS is one of the biggest costs to healthcare is doctors insurance to protect against being sued. The democrats did NOT want this because - who funds them in office? Lawyers. Both of these would have opened the floodgates to accessibility. This was just to start things off and then go from there. This had nothing to do with healthcare but with control over the government and an ideological drive to bankrupt america by a president who hates america and what it stands for and is trying to bring us down to size to appease the ideologies he is friends with who think we are too rich and powerful. I could tell you more but Y!A limited my space to write. If you wish to learn more, go to AND

    It's precise the whole thing nowadays is Politically biased.. It should not be and you'll blame Alexander Hamilton for it. He announced the primary Political Party into the United States. While I do not feel one hundred% Obama relatively feels the best way he phrased it, Congress will have to make choices founded at the Good of the American People as a Whole and now not founded on what is going to get them Votes in November...

    Sigh...there is unfortunately a lot of misinformation out there. As revealed by some of the respones you've gotten. This is because the Republicans are riding on the coat tails of this Tea Party movement and they think it is their best chance of success in the mid term elections. The Democrats have realized that the best way to win is to pass it since polling numbers before the whole Tea Party and Glenn Beck 912 project where substantially in favor of health care reform. and let people see for themselves that this will truly be a better system. Otherwise; not pass it and be seen as a party that had a super majority and didn't do jack squat with it. But ok now that we've taken care of the politics of this issue. This is how the health care bill actually effects you: It doesn't. You will be able to keep your University insurance. That's it. It doesn't effect you unless you lose coverage in which case you will be put into a an Insurance Pool where people where insurance companies will be able to compete for your business. And they cannot deny you if you have pre-existing conditions. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE UP YOUR INSURANCE IF YOU LIKE IT! The tea party people seem to think they are not only entitiled to their own opinions but their own facts as well. As for the contentious topic of the defecit. We have been running a defecit for years. our childrens children already have to pay for the Iraq war. You cannot pick and chose when to become worried about the defecit. And investment in our health care system which is lagging behind the rest of the developed world and is the ONLY rich industrialized democratic nation without universal health care is a far better investment than an investment in two countries in the middle east that so far remain destabilized and dangerous and all with little to no return in benefit to the American people.

    The money is coming from your parents, and the reduction in Medicare that your grandparents will endure. We will still pay for health care, but through different orifice now that "Wah, my daddy left me when I was a kid so stroke my ego and do it my way" conned most of the democrats. If George Bush would have proposed this same exact bill, the Democrats would have voted no, because they know HCR can be better. EDIT: Hey Leslie: there is a bridge in New York I want to sell you. Or if you prefer, the race horse Barbaro who proved himself a winner at the Kentucky Derby is a good buy. Companies are going to drop private insurance plans like hot potatoes. Other companies will not hire, and even shed employees to cut costs, and bump more people onto the government dole (you - so start working a double shift, I need your money). Workers living frugally so they can pay for their families health insurance will now be subsidized, so they can buy more beer and cigarettes while you work overtime. And why does a family making $88,000 !! a year need a subsidy?

    Conservative answer: You will die by 2014 because the world is going to end because of the health care bill Liberal answer: Its everything and anything you want it to be, hail lord obama. The real answer: You will be required to buy health insurance from a more regulated market.

    In a nut shell my cousin who is a doctor plans on closing his practice because he wont be making anymore money. why? 1. He will only be allowed to take goverment healthcare insured. This is not profittable because it will take too much time and effort for somebody to go through all the legal work. It will be rationed for how much money he makes, since it wont be profitable. Why would anyone want to be in business if you wont be able to pay for your overhead?

    Well college will drop your coverage and YOU will be paying for your own Obama coverage