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    The scam is a well used one, the target are individuals with bad credit searching for a loan. They will call individuals and tell them that they are approved for a $10000 loan, the catch the person has to send 5 months in advance for insurance purposes. Info: The website is now Brimmley Lending Services used to be Bramlea Financial Group (website was taken out) New Website www.brimmley-lending.net Contact: Jeff O'Riley Phone: 877-576-7474 ext. 772 Fax: 301-576-8065 Address: 406-1560 Wilson Blvd Arlington, Aiea 22209 CEO: Patrick Sarris

    I cant believe these peple. I just went on the new website brimmley-lending.net. Its the same exact wesite. I called the number 877-576-7474 ext 772 I believe and the guys name is Jeff O'Riley. They have a new phone number and new address. Whats funny is the same exact person is speaking on the voice mail and he sounds just like Jason Hayes not Jeff O'riley. I hope no one gets scammed by these people. Thankyou Noidal7 for putting that info out there.

    Yeah! their website had been shut down since yesterday. And this guy is actually working for primerica, I hope that he get caught and those that got scammed get their money back.Thanks MIMI, I feel a lot better!

    Poop! I just sent them a million buck$

    Never heard of them but thanks for the info. :-)

Help with accounting journal entries?

  • Oscar Reinger
    Oscar Reinger
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  • Garnet Dickinson
    Garnet Dickinson
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    Carrie Lubowitz
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