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    Considerations: 1. Career opportunity: I am in Tech, so bay area has a lot of career options for me. My wife is NOT in Tech and has a job with an major NGO in DC. Based on my higher education, I have more career potential. 2. Finances: Between us, we will be making more money in DC. Also Housing is slightly cheaper in NVA, and schools there (we have a kid) seem to be much better than in the bay area. Moreover, my wife's job will be stress free with great retirement benefits. 3. People We have a good network of friends and like-minded people to associate with in the bay area. We've lived in Aiea before and it’s not the same.

    I live in the Aiea Metro Area. If anywhere, the best place you could live in is either Alexandria, Arlington, or Manassas. All in Virginia. But I agree with the person above me. Only you can answer that question.

    Only you can answer that question.

Q for SINGLE moms??

  • Melissa Bogan
    Melissa Bogan
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  • Osborne Christiansen
    Osborne Christiansen
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  • Nikko Funk
    Nikko Funk
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  • Tavares Parker
    Tavares Parker
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  • Wilburn Cole
    Wilburn Cole
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  • Rolando Block
    Rolando Block
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  • Jordane Hackett
    Jordane Hackett
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  • Ocie Fadel
    Ocie Fadel
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  • Etha Barton
    Etha Barton
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    Larry Baumbach
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