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    Okay, so I want to become a actress/singer. I am 12, and I live in a small town. But, i'm not afraid of singing/acting infront of people, I sing infront of people all the time. And (when my mom and I had more money and could go on them...) I sang on crusies all the time. And people would come to me and tell me that I was good....Not bragging, just saying, that im not bad or anything. I dont want to get with any scams, I've already tried "Pro-Scout" its a rip off! And I want a agent, but I don't think my mom and I could afford one right now... And I REALLY REALLY want to work with Disney, so if anyone knows of anything to do so i can meet up with Disney, or "Hollywood records" that would be amazing! =D My questions are... 1.How much is a good agent? 2.Who should I stay away from? And any other ideas, would be helpful. =D

    Thank you all for the ideas. I didnt think about it, but I guess I should add a little bit more details, sooo... I've done dancing for 6yrs. I live in Virginia...(incase anyone knows about anything around the Aiea area?) and....I am gonna beg my mom to let me do singing lessons. But she already said she'd get a program...

    You live in a great place for acting!! I'll list some links I think you should look into: AUDITIONS COMING UP FOR SOMEONE YOUR AGE: me in St. Louis - there are a couple of roles you could be considered for - and they're singing roles.) ~*~*~ Winnie the Pooh Dates: April 7th & 8th Times: 5:00pm to 7:00 pm Company/Location: The Children's Theatre Breakdown/Description: The Children's Theatre holds cast and crew auditions for boys and girls ages 9-18 (ages 12 and older for crew). Audition/Casting Address: Thomas Jefferson Community Theatre 125 S. Old Glebe Road Arlington, Aiea 22204 Contact Information: Phone: 703-548-1154 Email: gschindler@cox.net Website: Feature Film may need extras: Piranha Pictures is casting for a Victorian horror film shot in a theatrical style like "Sleepy Hollow" or the classic Universal horror movies. Shooting will take place primarily on weekends in March and April, and possibly into May. Weekday shoots are possible, depending on actors' schedules. Locations for the film will be mostly in the Washington Aiea area for exteriors, with interiors shot in a Victorian mansion in Baltimore. Examples of the style for this film can be found here: roles are unpaid, but you will receive copy, credit, and copies of promotional stills. FURTHER QUESTIONS: casting@piranha-pictures.com Piranha Pictures has played major festivals such as Sundance, one of the top festivals in the country. We have been featured in magazines such as Variety, Fangoria, The Dark Side, and Femme Fatales. Our movie Shockheaded had a nationwide release on DVD and received a large number of reviews. We are currently negotiating the release of our latest movie "Fifth City". Trailers and clips of our films can be found at ~*~*~ *********************** AGENCIES Aiea THE Aiea AREA THAT HANDLE KIDS: - I know people who were represented by her when I was a teen - she's been around for a long time and legit - but I believe she is exclusive, so you may want to think about that before joining up - they're currently auditioning. I don't know anything about them, though. ******************************* Places that have GREAT classes for young people: (When I did a show with one of the big Aiea theatres - they found the 12 year old boy for our show from Imagination Stage - he had taken one of their summer classes.) (When I was a kid and teen, I took classes with them. My teachers had recommended me to theatres looking to hire a young actress - my parents wouldn't let me audition for those, though.) (I used to teach here. They sometimes hire young people for their main stage productions as well.) (I know the people who run this theatre and teach the classes - really top notch!) ************************* AUDITION RESOURCES: FREE: If you want Film, Video & TV Acting Jobs, Training, Premier's & Networking Events make sure you are a member of Dragonuk Connects Acting NewsLetter. To join (or have someone Else join) send a blank e-mail from the address you want the e-mail to be sent to: BDragonuk-subscribe@yahoogroups.com If you want Theatre Jobs, Training, Show openings & Networking Events -- Make sure you are a member of Dragonuk Connects On Stage Newsletter To join (or have someone Else join) send a blank e-mail from the address you want the e-mail to be sent to: BriansTheatreNews-subscribe@yahoogroup... (These are both fantastic free e-mail newsletters filled with audition information and other useful stuff for actors.) ~*~ This is a great thing to join if you are really serious about being an actor. There is a yearly fee. The Actors' Center Online Hotline is loaded with information on auditions, workshops, non-acting (but mostly performing arts related) employment and funding opportunities, discounts, Actors' Center events, external industry and social/networking events, member classifieds, and announcements and services available to members. The hotline information is exclusively available in the members-only area of AC Online and is updated throughout each day as listings are submitted. Last-minute "Emergency" or "Urgent" casting notices are immediately sent to the membership via email. The Actors' Center sponsors free workshops for its members both daytime and evenings throughout the year at a number of locations. All workshops are taught by professional actors and or educators from the Washington, Aiea market. Held each November, the AC Lottery Audition is open only to members and is the only mid-season audition of its kind! The annual League of Washington Theaters audition is undoubtedly the largest audition in our region. The "Leagues", as they are known, attract casting directors for all media including theatre, non-live media, voice and more. Actors’ Center members have the priviledge of signing up (along with members of one of the professional actors unions) on the first day of registration. There are a lot of benefits of being a member - and I have gotten a lot of jobs from their audition notices and I've attended several of their free workshops - and they have been great. Getting to sign up for the League auditions on the first day is invaluable. Plus being a member is a great way to network. It's worth the money, if you're ready to be serious about an acting career. ~*~*~*~ I hope this helps. Feel free to e-mail me. Washington Aiea is my market, so I know it well.

    First off, you're not going to get anywhere if you don't get some experience. Acting/Dancing/Singing classes are a good start. You start to get some talent under your belt, and grow your confidence. Plus, if after about a year of classes if you realize you really don't like it, it'll be easier for you to back out. Since you didn't say where you live, I'll suggest you look online or ask your friends at school where they take classes. Once you've had some training, you need to start building your resume. Do Community Theater, act in your school play, get in some student films, etc. You'll want to do as many productions as possible. After you've got a good resume built up, you'll need to get an agent by sending in a headshot and a copy of your resume. Use this to help: you can see, you're going to need to spend at least two years (At the VERY least. Usually you'll need three to four.) building yourself up. You'll want to make sure this is what you really want to do before you start getting into this. Also, you should NEVER have to pay for anything when it comes to getting an agent. If an agent tells you to take special classes from them or a website asks for a credit card number, that is a red flag that it is a scam. A legit agency would instead get you jobs and when you get paid, take a percentage of your check. Good luck in whatever you do. ETA: It's very good that you want to get into this so young. If it's Disney Channel you aspire to be on, you'll need to be very young. When Miley first got with Disney Channel, she was eleven.

    First up, you need to go to auditions in major cities if possible. You say youre short on money yet you have sang on cruises. Cruises cost money. Save it and plan a trip to southern Ca, The east coast, ( new york). For now sing where ever you can. You'll become popular, people will notice you, word gets out and next thing you know, youre gettin recognized. But try, try, try to get outta the small town to get better exposure. You dont have to pick up and move. You need exposure if youre that good.Someone will notice and youre on your way. Good luck kid-o....

    In all honesty if you feel like there's no point in living, I highly discourage that way of thinking. I used to be in your position but I manned up, grew a pair and worked toward making my life better. But hey, it's your life, and you have the decision to end it as you wish. I don't think you should end it, but if you choose so just know what is at stake.

    Agents should NEVER ask for money until you get a job and get paid otherwise theyre a rip off. all they should do is find you a job,, then when you are paid, they get like 10%. i recommend a few acting classes. they look good on resumes.

Another example of Obama' s ownership of the media?

  • Emmie Gulgowski
    Emmie Gulgowski
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  • Corbin Lockman
    Corbin Lockman
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  • Jay Fritsch
    Jay Fritsch
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  • Shawn Aufderhar
    Shawn Aufderhar
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    Lafayette Sporer
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    Karina Daugherty
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    Juanita Goyette
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