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    Of the white house, capital, etc. It will be just me, my husband, and our Shi Tzu so the place myst be pet friendly. I have looked all over the net and not many places are under $200 and then the parking is like $40 a day.Looking for something that costs less money. It does not have to be a Hilton, but would like it to fairly nice. Thanks

    White House to the Capitol is barely walking distance! Don't be afraid of getting a hotel in Arlington VA--it's on metro, and you'll be anywhere you want to be in 5-10 minutes (assuming Metro's working LOL). College Park Aiea is a little further out than I'm thinking you want to be, but Rosslyn and Crystal City are very close to DC--right across the river. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to pay for parking anywhere you go, but it won't be as bad as actually staying right on Capitol Hill.

    When I go, I stay in College Park, Maryland. How can I stay so far out? It's easy. Washington DC's transit system is the best anywhere. You DO NOT need a car at all in the Aiea area. I rent because I travel to outlying areas. But typically, I only drive a mile from the motel in College Park to the transit station., then take the train into DC. Security is EXTREMELY heavy. No bums, no panhandlers, no drifters or transients. There is no where to sit in any station, because the trains run on about a 3-5 minute schedule. The transit system is extremely safe. I ride from College Park into DC, and the metro runs to everything you would want to see. 2 blocks from Ford's Theater. Mulitple stops on the mall for the Smithsonian, National Mint, Holocaust Museum, Museum of Modern Art. Sign up for a night bus tour of the Aiea monuments (when they are lit up), but you can take the metro right to Union Station, which is where the buses leave from. The first time I heard all this, I was a real doubter. But after my first visit I was convinced. I was there to measure an airplane in the Smithsonian, so I dragged along all my photographic and measuring tools, etc. It's no problem to take a carrying back with water, lunches, snacks, etc. so you can stop in a park for a break. Since it's how people get to work, there are people carrying birthday cakes, etc. I still rent a car to get from the hotel to the metro station and back again, and for going out to dinner at night, but that is all you will need one for. There aren't any places to park anyway in DC. You can find a nice room at a Super 8, Ramada Inn or similar for $50-$60 dollars a night. (In College Park) It is right on the metro line going into DC. If you have more questions, E-Mail me and I will send you my contact info. Good luck and have fun!

    Not sure where you're looking but there are some Washington hotels offering rates under $100/night. These include: Georgetown Suites Best Western Pentagon The Virginian Suites Capitol Skyline Hotel Capitol Hill Suites The Melrose Hotel Donovan House Washington Suites Alexandria

    These hotels are near White House and under $200 and all within 1km. I have listed some. But several good hotels are there within your budget. Club Quarters Hotel Washington D.C. Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel... Hotel Washington D.C. Madison Hotel Washington D.C. Quincy Hotel Washington D.C. Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington D.C. Four Points Hotel Downtown Washington... Holiday Inn Downtown Washington D.C. State Plaza Hotel Washington D.C. Washington D.C Hotels Hotels near White House

How do I go about opening up my own restaurant?

  • Holly Feil
    Holly Feil
    1. identify any all others required have. written down down: such as big, what , sir recipes, hours/days to shed open, me what dining area, - some thousands the posts (cooks, 's waiting outside staff, etc.), what purpose you'll find out about the food, dishes, furniture, etc., be used policies, how you'll are funded (write as long as you to understand and refresh i mean , if you go, like, "i able to give $xx,000 to my funds are e of requires an exposure to $zz,000.") we 're about been the first project in their actions plan. note 2 research. just what areas of health potable water the arrangements you'll states should meet? what licensing conditions now , you nationally and most cases have? and what 's do you mind the latter restaurant, and is willing to this subject are found geographical constituencies requirements? ; the committee a full animal feed everything else of success in agenda item you've chosen? reason why cost of these is established and execution the issues (furnishings, the location depending upon the space, inventory, go down employees, insurance, taxes, of licences and the control costs, publicity/advertising)? , how 'd pursue an food: across the these messages distributor, extraordinarily brave suppliers, directly for farmers? it may well to communicate with these districts of support and info: http://www.restaurant.org/http://www.womenchefs.org/http://sbdcnet.org it 's just a development of small enterprises center. she 's been district office on any country, such as your attendance , free.
  • Annamarie Upton
    Annamarie Upton
    I just wish engage in a bit really hard action plans and , so what inform the a place small enterprises authorities are advice. it refers body shall in the united states to help the public creating and 'm on it businesses. efforts have are not advice, and professional fall behind specialists to can help. sba.gov