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    THE AID TO UKRAINE IS Obama's IDEA NOT THE REPUBLICANS In a show of solidarity with President Barack Obama, Congress spoke with one voice Thursday against Russia's annexation of Crimea, overwhelmingly backing legislation in the House and Senate to aid cash-strapped Ukraine and punish Russia. On a voice vote, the Senate approved a measure that would provide $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine and give Obama broad authority House reps did support their own lessor version as well but Lawmakers hope to send a single bill — the Senate measure — to the White House for Obama's signature by week's end. AND I HAVE NOT SEEN THE DEMS BACKING EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT EITHER OBAMA COULD JUST ISSUE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER FOR THIS BUT DOES NOT I WROTE MY OWN DEM SENATOR DEBBIE STABENOW AND SHE WOULD NOT BACK THE EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT I am not against the unemployment extension either ,its not just Reps blocking this is also Obama dems Lets get that clear Aliamanu As for sending money to basically the old USSR i say NO don't do it AND WOULD MUCH RATHER SPEND IT ON UNEMPLOYED HERE AND EVEN I THINK UNEMPLOYMENT SHOULD PAY YOU THE WAGE YOU MADE WHILE WORKING !!!! INSTEAD OF MIN WAGE So then dems who control the senate and almost half the house and the Presidency MAYBE THEY ARE THE ONES WHO DO NOT BACK EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT DO YA THINK ??? REPS ONLY HAVE A NARROW MARGIN Aliamanu ONE PART OF CONGRESS THE DEMS HAVE 2/3 RDS OF THE POWER , until 2014 elections and Obama had 100% control for his first 2yrs so he could have done anything but he used it on obamacare which will screw us all , if we don't get rid of the dem party 2014

    Utter nonsense yet again. Both houses passed the bill for a ONE billion dollar LOAN guarantee to the Ukraine one, not many Billions but one. The senate, (democratic controlled) passed it by voice vote so no one knows who voted yes or no. The house passed it 399 to 19 so pretty much unanimously and since the house of 435 representatives had 199 democrats at least 180 of them voted for it so lets stop the ridiculous accusations that Republicans alone are responsible. And please remember that Obama our DEMOCRATIC president has to sign that bill or it will simply die. Now why would he do that given the statement you made about citizens who lost their jobs through no fault of their own are getting no help? The bill by the way that cut further extensions of unemployment also passed the democratic senate and was signed by the democratic president. You have more than one finger and should be pointing at more than one party.

    Damn. Republicans vote in favor of an Obama policy and you still are not happy. "The Senate approved the legislation by voice vote Thursday while the House was passing a different version on a 399-19 vote. The votes are a show of solidarity with Obama, who has already announced sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and others."

    The Republicans who did this don't care about reality and want to keep out of date policies. The biggest security risk to the US is the national debt- eliminating all foreign aide would cut the deficit by $35 billion which amounts to someplace between 3.5% and 5.8% of the budget deficit depending on the math- but it would still be 3.5% to 5.8% of the deficit cut. A lot of the mess was caused due to out date policies and a desire to isolate Russia. If things were going well Russia would be one of Ukraine's biggest trading partners- the oil men in Siberia have to eat that food would come from Ukraine.

    And did the democrats in the senate do anything to stop the assistance to the Ukraine?

    Because we all love us some state sponsored terrorism. The democrats are also in favor of state sponsored terrorism.

    To be able to add jobs we need to get rid of obama and the democratic senate

    Don't ask this republican, as I don't want them to send one dime or one soldier! Not send one missile, or provoke anybody in any way. I also want us to close all of our overseas bases, and get out of all of any entanglements that we are currently in.

    I know right.....we should just send a drone to take out Putin