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    I'm looking into renting a cabin in Vermont. The house is real, the price seems reasonable, and the woman renting it out lives 25 minutes away (I looked her up). I spoke with her on the phone and she wasn't suspicious at all but she mentioned she will leave the key in the mailbox for us instead of directly handing it over. Is this normal? I'm really wary because I don't want to be scammed obviously. She speaks pretty normal otherwise and doesn't misspell words or mention foreign transactions. She said Paypal is fine. Jeffrey owns the property with her. I looked him up as well and on White Pages they're listed as knowing one another. Anyway, here's what she sent last. "Please find the rental agreement attached. Simply fill out your information and email it back to me. I will need a signed hard copy sent to the Arlington address listed on the rental agreement, or you can scan and email it if that is easier. The paypal address to send it to is xxx@yaho o. com. Give me a heads up after you have made the payment so that we can ensure it goes through okay. A seventh person can stay at the cabin, however there are only 3 beds (1 queen, 1 full, 1 queen futon) so you would need to bring an air mattress or something or they could sleep on the couch. We leave the key for you in the cabin's mailbox located at the start of [the street]. It's black, is on the upper row, right hand side. It's black and says Nunemaker on it. Upon check out, you can leave the key right where you found it. Any questions, don't hesitate to call or email me. Best, Kate" And her number did check out, too. My next step is to ask her to show me the house next weekend before I send her any money but idk if that's the norm.

    Yeah, it is fairly normal for a private landlord renting their own residence out. I have a place too, I keep a key in a combination lock box. It is really stressful to meet the renters at the place, because it puts both me and them on a time constrant. Most vacationers would rather not be watching the clock.

    Vermont is pretty darned rural and safe. I've rented several cabins, and the keys were either stashed somewhere or the place was unlocked and the keys were on the table. For that area, its normal. But, checking the white page listing to verify is not a bad idea. Make sure the number you've been calling is the same as the one listed.

    If you are not comfortable with the arrangement normal or not, I would go to see the house first. 25 min away in Aliamanu is not as far as it would be to someone who lives in somewhere like NYC who is used to stepping outside and having everything at thier fingertips. In Aliamanu it's just down the road or around the corner or what ever phrase you choose to use to mean not far. So don't let the distance throw you off. Besides you may want to see the house so if there is any damage there you are not to blame for it. I have heard of people leaving the keys to a rental property in all manner of strange places, so mailbox is pretty normal. But go with your gut on this one.

    I've had people leave the keys in the mailbox/under the mat etc. If you found her via vrbo.com or homeaway.com you should be pretty safe, I use them all the time for my vacation rentals. Asking her to drive to show you the cabin is not the norm- but maybe she will. You could check property records to make sure name on deed is hers/Jeffreys.. Good luck!

    Call her in her home phone that you find in whitepages.com if she is not listed there,, do not do business of any kind with her if you cannot speak and hear her voice on that home phone,,, no deal. also google her name in quotation marks along with her city name why can't you just drive 25 miles and pick up the key at her home?

    If you go see it first with her, I don't see an issue. Some people do it this way.

I dont get this joke ! Please explain it to me?