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    I have already posted this question, but I am hoping that i can get a better answer...maybe somebody who has had similarp bolem will read it this time. So it is honda accord 1994. The light has came on about 4? times for the past 2 or 3 weeks, not quite sure. It always happens when I am driving on the highway <60 mph. And when i stop and turn the engine off, and on again, the light is off. Then it is off for 1-2(or more) days and it comes back on again on the highway. My mechanic doesn't have a tool to check cars older than 1995. He found that the oxygen sensor was not working and replaced it. I also had oild around the spark plugs and he changed some gasket. My car drives fine and i don't see any difference, but I am worried because I drive 1hr 30 mins to work on the weekdays. And also it is hard to find a place that is open on weekends to get my car fixed. I am sure there are some but i don't know if I can trust them and i can't spend money all the time, cause I am a student.

    And my tuition is quite costly. The only thing i have noticed when i drive is that when engine is warm after a long drive, and I stop at the light, the rpm goes really low, it goes to 0 for a second and goes up again. But i feel like the engine is going to shut. My car is manual so I can deal with this easily thou. I went to autozone yesterday and they said they can only check cars 97 and up and the light has to be on at the moment. And this is a problem cause when I stop at the parking lot and park, it goes off. my gas cap is fine, I have checked. Any ideas people?

    After reading you concern and being a college student (i been there before) let me give you some insight on what might be occuring here. Given the fact that your vehicle is a 1994 explains on thing about why the engine light is coming off and on when you shut the vehicle off. Way back when auto makers first started using computers with vehicles, they had what was called OBD1 (on board Diagnostics 1st generation). This was used all the way up to the beginning of 1995 mid year, and by 1996, I think it was all manufactures had to go with OBD2 compliant vehicles. So what does that mean? Well, the check engine light in the vehicle will turn on if it sees something out of the accepatable parameter provision in the CPU (the engin e computer). If it sees a sensor that is out of range it sets the engine light to come on. If the CPU sees a spefic sensor and it goes back within its range it may shut off the light but keep the code in a past memeory state. A scanner can retireve it and on many vehicle you can manually retireve codes, but with OBD2 systems you need the scanner because there is no other wayu to talk to the CPU. This totally excplains why when you shut the vehicle off, the computer resets in a way and if the parameter of the sensor is NOW WITHIN the acceptable range of the CPU, it will not turn on the engine light. There could be a few reasons for why the engine light is occuring. You mentioned that the O2 sensor was bad. This can cause the light to come on and off but really depends on the situation to hold the engine light steadyly on and sometimes on and off with an OBD1 vehicle. When CPU's light the engine light on the OBD1 honda's, you need to find out what code it is that is in fact causing the issue. So to take matters into your own hands do this. Get a paper clip bend it into a horseshoe. Look under the right side of the dash board, you will see a TWO PIN (female) connector uinder there. Make sure you ignition is off and insert the puin into this connector. This is your service connector terminal. Turn on the ignition switch and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) will be indicated by a series of long and short flashes on MIL. The number of long flashes indicates the number in the 10s column. The number of short flashes indicates the number in the 1s column. For example, 4 long flashes followed by 3 short flashes would indicate DTC 43. The linkl below is a list of codes pretaining to what it is your vehicle is having problems with. I wish you luck, and I hope this is more info than the last time that you asked this question.

    You can take your car to Checkers if you have one in your area they will usually check, normally a mechanic should have the correct tools to check any car, you can also go to wal mart and get a code machine yourself they start as low as 25.00 and you can connect it and find out the problem yourself if the mechanic isnt willing to do it...there really is no way for anyone on here to give you a definate answer on what is wrong with the car without being able to look at the car. I would say go to a better auto repair shop and start there.

    Either see if the local AutoZone or Shucks, etc, autoparts place has a code scanner that can pull OBD 1 codes or take it to the dealer. Don't let a mechanic just guess and start replacing stuff. Also, it sounds like he lied to you because if your O2 sensor was not working you would have a constant engine light. I would find another mechanic who is trustworthy. Take it to the dealer. They will charge more to fix it, but it will be done correctly the first time. It will probably save you money in the long run.

    You can buy a scanner for OBD1 cars for super cheap. They have them in Walmart. Keep it with you and plug it in next time you get the Check Engine Light before you turn the car off. Write down the code and search the internet. Your mechanic is incompetent.

    It sounds like a problem with the idle air control. I would suggest finding another mechanic who has the tools to look at your car. It is a very common tool. Also try other auto parts stores or look for a place that offers free engine diagnostics/code reading. Once you have the engine code we could provide a better answer. Other then that an idle air control problem is my best guess.

    Could have a clogged fuel filter or catalytic convertor, or stop by my shop my scan tool will work.

    I can scan it. Dayo's Garage 15 Fillmore Ave. Tonawanda, Aliamanu 14150

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