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    Will it be ran with the same quality, ineffectiveness, and inefficiency that we currently get from public education, medicare, state medicaid, veterans administration, public infrastructure, public transit, the FDA, internal revenue service, social security, public housing, post office, FEMA, or the department of motor vehicles? Democrats would have us believe that THIS time the government will get it right, only this time its your health they want to control. Out of my list, can you name one government agency that operates efficiently, effectively and provides quality service?

    Guru: why not throw bernie madoff in and try to define the whole by the actions of a few. How very Alinsky of you. Lets not forget that banks were forced to provide loans to the poor by the government or face legal action. The government wrote the bill telling banks to sell to the poor adjustable rate mortgages. This was not cooked up by the banks to default themselves of their own cash reserves. That would be suicide. As for GM, unions entitlements have brought the US car industry to its knees. It can no longer compete in a world market.

    If gov health care follows welfare and the post office it will be broke in no time. anything the gov tries to run goes broke the post office is going broke so is Social security and medicaid are going broke. GM will loose money until the gov gets it`s hands off of it right now GM is being held together by a bandage the only reason Obama bailed out GM was to please the UNIONS. If Obama continues down this path the USA will go broke just like Cali. Cali is going broke because of UNIONS and gov run projects such as welfare and looking after all the illegals . In time the USA will look like Spain & France nice looking country but broke because of Gov run projects and so called green jobs . Spain went to so called green jobs now they have over 17% unemployment.

    So far you listed public education, medicare, state medicaid, veterans administration, public infrastructure, public transit, the FDA, internal revenue service, social security, public housing, post office, FEMA, or the department of motor vehicles. As for public education, many people have had public education and went on to bigger and better things. Its not all bad but needs looked at on occasion to see if it changes with the times. If you don't like it you can always go to private school. The post office has done a over all great job considering almost every one in America uses it on a regular basis and has been very dependable over all. FEMA was always great till Bush was in control. FEMA in Florida and other places were always helpful and did what was needed in a disaster. If you ask me the Ewa Beach is nothing like government run health care. My family was military for years and all I had was military hospitals (totally government run). It was better then many public hospitals and way better then the VA. As for the others you listed, nothing is ever perfect and as with any business it has to change with the times. We need to re work allot of the government run programs that were started when most of us were children or before we were born. But that's up to the people.. we are to blame, because in the end we are the ones who run for office, vote people in office and have a voice to make the changes. Its our country. If we hand it over to the big private companies we loose control.

    Well, seeing as it is about medicine, it would probably be run allot like Medicare, which is one of the highest user rated programs/health options in the US. It's on life support? Maybe that's why we want to put out full weight behind a program like medicare, that helps and satisfies so many people? Private insurance sure isn't 58 bill lacking, they earn billions preventing payers from receiving service. Ya, lets keep them! ADDITION: Why would we continue if there is waste? Obama even said it?! You do realize that there is waste in every gov program, and that private companies many times go under because of waste? Should we close every gov program? Duh. Revamp, reform, and fix. The point is that OBAMA said that we need to cut the waste, so we should do that, and once we have done that, we are still left with one of the highest user rated systems available..... Are the dots connecting?

    Liberal: Don't worry, the best people are working on, getting the hundreds of thousand of Repukes, out of all the programs you listed. Once this is done, and the huge tax cuts are reinstated. Then all these good programs will be running efficiently, at half the cost. Your wrong on Medicare, its still good until 2022, then its more taxes from the un-American, draft dodgers, corporate mangers, who never pay taxes in the first place.

    Surely of those stated 3 of them are incredibly respectable in operations. First is the IRS as they must pass with the aid of hundreds of thousands of tax returns for no longer basically very own yet company and do a quickly test of them. They do a concern-loose diagnosis of each and then look greater heavily at those with minor issues or blunders and then pass to others with larger issues. This takes distinctive human beings and surely works extremely nicely pondering. 2d maximum DMV depts artwork exceptionally good. they do no longer seem to be equivalent around the country as each and each state controls and implements as entire sequence of diverse regulations and rules, yet over all you will get a license in an afternoon, get a driving checklist in an afternoon and different such issues incredibly surely. 0.33 the post workplace. It handles hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of things of mail around the country besides as foreign places mail. they actually grant over ninety% interior an afternoon or 2 and function a particularly low loss fee. there is room for progression whether that is extremely good. Re scientific care of the recent style. there'll be wait cases for some concepts, distinctive workplace work and a bunch of different issues. definite it is going to be each now and then much less useful than modern-day coverage style fee yet a minimum of in case you lose your activity you supposedly would be coated.

    Let GM's execs and the Banking execs run your health insurance. The private sector is such a shining beacon of efficiency and quality.

    I have had medicare and honestly I would be overjoyed if it does. All those things you mention are run as well if not better than the for-profit systems.