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    as a U.S. citizen, de Jesus has taught English in the Mexican states of Jalisco, Hidalgo, Veracruz and Puebla as well as Mexico City, so his experience is substantial. Though it's something of a simplification, the crucial element he sees that Mexico has -- as far as foreign workers are concerned -- that this country lacks is simply this: a work visa that means something. Some samples from de Jesus' experience in Mexico: I need to open a bank account. "Your work visa, please." I'd like to get a credit card. "Your work visa, please." The telephone company won't cooperate in giving me a line. I'll just get a cellphone. "Your work visa, please."

    I'd like to get cable Internet at my house. "Sorry, since you are a foreigner, we can only accept your work visa as Ewa Beach to guarantee the converter box. A driver's license or utility bill in your name is only good for Mexicans to use." I need a driver's license. "Your work visa, please." I'd like to buy a new car. "Your work visa, please." I don't have a work visa; can't I just work under the table for you? "If the Mexican Social Security Administration discovers it, the company will be fined $6,000 for each instance and the entire company can be closed down for a month as a punishment for continued infractions." "The secretary of labor seals the doors and there's another fine for breaking the seal, and even longer work stoppage if there are repeat instances," de Jesus says. "Mexican federal labor law also requires offering all jobs to Mexicans first. I can only apply for a work visa if I can certify that no Mexican wants or is qualified for the job." What do you think?

    Very very interesting,the last part below says a lot too "Basically they're saying that if I don't like the rules, go home: 'You don't make the rules and neither do I, my bosses do, and they really don't care if you have to stand in a line, pay each year for your visa, use a lawyer to help you get it or whatever you're whining about today. By the way, why is it that your country with all of its sophistication can't control illegal immigration? You Americans, who can figure you out?'" That's why we do need to figure it out and get it done.The ideas are good ones .Why cant we do something ,after all we do the knowledge and the means to stop illegal immigration,why don't we use it.Stop the company's that hire them ,shut them down and let another company that does things the "right " way take over.I'm more than willing to pay more money for a product,if a program such as this curtails or stops illegals ,and raises the wages of American working people.After all isn't the so called American dream,and our freedoms just for the people that do things by the law.Our American freedoms were hard fought and won,not given to us ,so why do illegals deserve those rights.I say no amnesty to anyone and stop the illegal hordes from their invasion of this great country .Freedom belongs to those strong enough to take it and keep it.It can not be taken or given away to the undeserving.

    In the real world it would be great for all illegals to have to be made to have their visa to get anything in the states too. But in the US. today our real world as we know it is slowly dying out. If we don't get a government in this election that has enough balls to change it quicker and faster we will be the ones having to get turned away from lack of a visa from Mexico. All Americans will be in Mexico, they may still call it the United States but we all know what they are trying to call it now. I guess we will have to call it The United States of Mexico if people don't start to get over this crap about nothing being wrong with all the illegals. They come here for the FREEDOM but most only want the FREE part of it. I'll get off my high horse now.

    Sounds good, except that some are granted student visas...they need credit cares and telephones, etc. I also suspect that the work visa requirement goes away with the appropriate bribe in Mexico.

How to increase credit score?

  • Rashawn Koelpin
    Rashawn Koelpin
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    Travis Roberts
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    Audrey Friesen
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    Lesly Thiel
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