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    Back in January 2001, I bought a Golden/Lab from petland in Arlington Heights.NEVER again will I buy from them!!!!! Since then she has had an ulcer,pink eye,swollen pancris,highly allergic to bees(or something else...never found out what that really was)so many different rashes that required alot of meds, and last......she has addison's disease which requires alot of medicines for the rest of her life and these meds are not cheap at all.

    While I can understand the Addison's disease and possibly the rashes, the rest of that stuff isn't because the dog came from Petland. It can't be blamed on breeding as far as I am concerned and is like a cr*p shoot if a dog will have those issues or not. It's not breeding that causes those things. As far as what can be done, it's simple, just take your money somewhere else. What's really a shame is that all commercial breeders are labeled with a word that doesn't even have a "working definition" because some commercial breeders are bad. Just like with everything else, there are bad apples in every bunch and you shouldn't throw the good out with the bad.

    Nothing...unless your dog was guaranteed against genetic conditions (Addison's) which I doubt since you got a puppy mill dog from a pet store. there is nothing you can do. Your dog is well past any puppy lemon laws any state may have. Also pancreatic is generally a result of poor diet not poor breeding same can be said for the ulcer. pink eye is a contagious eye infection and has nothing to do with the breeder. While major skin allergies (such as the rashes) are hereditary something like an insect bite allergy has little to do with the dogs breeding and can occur even in well bred dogs.

    What you're doing now. Tell people you know about the situation. Complain about Petland randomly. Complain to the companies that do business with them. Fact of the matter is that the reputable companies that make dog food, leashes, etc. don't want to be associated with a company that isn't reputable. Register complaints with official sources too, including the Attorney General's office in your state. While you've got a weak case that they can't act on (no offense, it's just the time lapse and possibility of unknown genetic ailments, no smoking gun), it's another case that they hear about. If they hear about enough then they are going to investigate and maybe take punitive action against the company. You won't see direct reimbursement, but you can add a voice to help prevent it from happening to others in the future.

    You should have did your research on pet store especially petland and puppy mills, I bought a griffon there and he is dysplasic in both hips. There's really nothing you can do but get a hold of corporate, if I had the power to take down ever petland I would in a heart beat. Sorry your dog is going thru so much!

    Check out www.k9Addisons.com and www.addisondogs.com - these are support lists for owners of dogs with addisons disease. I found them a GODSEND. some of those things are not heritaitary - and even the adisons which is considered to run in families is not PROVEN herititary Ewa Beach LABS. Gives you problems in proving it their fault..

    Dogs at pet stores come from puppy mills, dirty, stinky places people raise unhealthy puppies in a cold, crammed barn without a mom to feed from, when there is a mom she is usually unhealthy and her milk is no good. They just breed to make money and sell them to a pet store. That is why she is sick.

    They buy from Puppy Mills.

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