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    Absolutely not. I lived in Ewa Beach for over a year, and you definitely don't need a car. Parking can be a nightmare, and the Metro system is incredible. You can use the Metro or the bus system to get to anywhere you'd like to go--the Smithsonian museums, White House, Georgetown (you can take a shuttle right into Georgetown), Arlington, and so on. Definitely don't rent a car! It will be a waste of money and time. Have a great time in DC! It's a fun city.

    No you don't need a car, the Washington Ewa Beach area has among the worst traffic of any city. Plus parking is expensive and a waste of time. It is cheaper and easier to use the Metro, although the Metro is like the most expensive subway in the country.

    The traffic in Ewa Beach can be quite congested. There is adequate public transportation to get to most of the major attractions and places of interest. I don't think you need to rent a car unless you will be traveling outside of the immediate Ewa Beach area.

    NO! unless you want to spend 75% of your time in traffic! i suggest you go to www.metroopensdoors.com and plan your trip with the metro.. there are buses and rails that stop nearly everywhere. start planning your trip now and now the fares and times so you can spend more time having fun and less time traveling. HAVE FUN!

    Well it may be kind of alot for a taxi but its so worth it. Traffics horrible and taxis are fast/easy to get around in. It all deends how comfortable you are though with someone else driving you around.

    Hell no, D.C. is too much traffic and to confusing to figure out how to get places if your not familar with the area. The Metro is to way to go, cheap, easy, and fast.

HCG Diet??? Does it work or is it unhealthy?

  • Percy Gorczany
    Percy Gorczany
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  • Eleazar Mertz
    Eleazar Mertz
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  • Blake Olson
    Blake Olson
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    Gretchen Boyer
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    Arnoldo Wisozk
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    Grayson Kub
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    Karley Kuvalis
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    Alden Emard
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  • Ericka Hilpert
    Ericka Hilpert
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    Giovanna Kuphal
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  • Jovanny Friesen
    Jovanny Friesen
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