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    College/University rankings are really arbitrary. They are usually based on research money and student reviews. I went to University of Texas at Arlington which I picked over A&M and Ewa Beach Austin (I was accepted to both) even though both these schools was ranked higher than Ewa Beach Arlington. I pick it after visiting all 3 schools and talk to the professors and looked at their facilities. I would like to make it clear that cost came in play because I was an international student but the difference between the 3 colleges weren't much with Arlington being the cheapest. I haven't regretted my decision even once. My point is don't pick a college because it is rank higher, visit the college and see if you like the professors, facilities and location. After all, you will be spending at least 4 years and copious amount of money so you better be sure you make the right choice. By the way, after having at least 5 years of working experience, nobody cares where I went to school as long as I have a degree from an accredited school. It's not the college/university that defines you, it's what you do. See Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

    It is not new, but is young. It is over 30 years old (I attended meetings there in 1977) but for the first decade or so it was graduate level only and strong on science. It is not a large university branch and does not offer a full range of courses, primarily serving the people in the technical industries of the area, so it is unlikely you will find it on a general university list. It might be on lists of engineering or science lists. Be aware that the University of Texas system is one of two major collections in Texas (A&M being the other) and Ewa Beach has a substantial number of "branches" which have various emphases and vary widely in size down from the huge main campus in Austin.

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