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    The average American. It wasn't the fat cat CEO's that caused this it was the people that took out so many loans that if one person lost their job they could not pay all their bills. Everything the fat cats have done wouldn't matter if the people were not so far in debt that they could not make it on unemployment till they find another job. I have never been in debt. I paid cash for my first car and house and every car and house since. It isn't hard and I started with nothing. I did not catch any break that was not easily available to any other American, I just worked harder and was more responsible with the child having. Why should everyone have to suffer because some people bought things they could not afford. It just makes me sad to think about it.

    I'm sorry Dimunitive Juarez Griffin but the republicans had control of both houses once under bush and once under clinton and that was it. You really can't blame this on them because hey they tried to fix it and well if it bothered the dems that bad they could have fixed it whenever they chose they ran the house and senate at the first of Clintons first term the first of his second and everything after the second half of bush's first term.

    The people responsible for this economic crisis cannot be held accountable because many of them are politicians. Most Americans are economically illiterate. They don’t know the difference between an income tax and an excise tax. If they apply for a loan and it’s approved, they take the money. But many loans, particularly mortgage loans, were “approved” under CRA guidelines, which required lenders to “support” their communities. And it was Democrats, not Republicans, who sponsored and supported the CRA. It was also Democrats who pushed lenders to offer easy money to people who could least afford to pay it back. It was social engineering Democrats who pushed lenders to provide easy terms, such as zero-down mortgages with negative amortization privileges. The Obama Administration claims every problem it faces was “inherited,” which is pure bullsh*t. Obama plans to spend at least hundreds of billons, and probably trillions of dollars, on infrastructure. But we have been talking about the need to address our crumbling infrastructure, particularly highways, bridges and dams, for at least 40 years and we have done next to nothing. If we spend several hundred billion dollars to repair our major roadways, where is the payback unless we convert almost all roads into toll roads. But even then, with gas and diesel prices expected to increase dramatically, we’re not going to be able to use those roadways, so whatever optimistic revenue projections the government provides for toll road receipts will probably come in at half of that amount. BTW, our politicians are also economically illiterate. For the most part, they are a bunch of lawyers who have no training in business, economics or finance. Is it any wonder they sat back while they forced our lenders to make zero-down mortgage loans to low-income borrowers during a housing bubble? Many of our politicians are just plain dumb!

    There has only ben one sacrificial lamb and his whole business was a scam. Madoff is the one person to show bankers what could happen. I think there is an pervasive and criminal element in the banking system and big companies. The public will never see this but they need to be prosecuted to repay the many people that were deceived by the investment community. Yes, it is a bit of a risk in the market but when the numbers are manipulated by the big investment firms it never gets punished proper. The law is on the side of crooks and that need to be changed and an example made of the people that give the perception of outrageous profits. The US needs to have a market in commodities, companies, and mutual funds. When you give them your money they show you charts and predictions and promptly tell you there are no guarantees. That gives them some kind of license to steal, I just do not think so. Cheats need to pay the price of prosecution.

    I see your point, I really do. But in fairness, you are going to suffer either way. As long as those people and those banks are hurting, they will drag down the economy. We can let them fail, but they will drag a number of us down with them, even if we did right. Your job relies on people being able to buy the products from the business you work for. If they cannot afford it because their credit is destroyed, or their customers aren't paying, or they lose their job, etc., etc., etc.....then you could just as easily lose your job because no one can afford to buy the products your business makes. Or the service your business provides, but I think you get the point here. We can suffer helping them up, or we can suffer being dragged down. Either way, we are going to suffer. So is teaching them a lesson more important to you? Or is your own survival more important to you? And I know this sounds like an attack, but it is not. If teaching them a lesson is what you believe is the right thing to do, there is logical reasoning behind that. Nothing leads to foolishness like this again then the belief that someone will save them if they try it again. All I'm pointing out to you is that if you want to teach them a lesson, it will cost you. Be ready for those consequences. Add-on: You haven't been paying attention. The Republicans had control of both houses of Congress at the time that issue of the subprime mortgages came up. You apparently forgot, but that subprime situation showed up before 2006, but well after 1994. Incidentally, Republicans had control of both houses for that entire time. It was not Democrats who messed that one up. Add-on: No, the Republicans had control the entire time between 1994 and 2006. Democrats made some gains, and later made some losses; but they never passed the Republican majority to take control until 2006. And in 2006, while the Democrats won a clear majority in the House of Representatives, they did not take control of the Senate. It was a 49-49 tie, with two Independents (Bernie Sanders and Joe Lieberman). But Joe Lieberman kept siding with the Republicans on nearly everything, so it was pretty much a tie. And even in cases when the Democrats could get Lieberman to side with them, President Bush would just veto the bill. At that time, a 2/3 majority would be needed to pass the bill; and Democrats could NEVER get enough Republicans to give them a 2/3 majority on anything except on one veterans' assistance bill. Bush vetoed it, but that bill passed with the requisite 2/3 majority due in major part to the efforts of Senator Barack Obama and Colin Powell. That was the ONLY bill that was able to overcome one of Bush's vetoes.

    I wont' go along with your concept that it is "easy" to pay cash for everything. That is not realistic. As for "us" being responsible for the inflation and crash? I will go along with that. Not for the reasons you say. But..for the last 30+ yrs, I have watched the price of houses inflate. I admit.. I SOLD A HOUSE and made a huge profit in the 70s in Los Angeles. Nothing wrong with profit.. however.. multiply my profit times millions of owners times millions of sales (many for no reason other than profit).. and the housing market became completed bloated to the point of no return. The deregulation, and easy mortgages from borrowers were not the cause. They were the straw that broke the camels back. Everything ties back to housing, and the amount of money that we must make to pay for them. Wages must be raised. Product prices have to follow. Those under 40 here (approx) .. cannot see the housing prices having been multiplied by 10, 50 or even 100. I can, by going back to see houses that I lived in, in the 60s or 70s. In the 70s, my dad urged me to become self sufficient.. ie home paid for, able to grow/produce food and alternate energy. He knew then that we were headed for a crash. Too damn easy today to keep screaming at the 'other' political party. It just is not fact.

    Human habit is the out of control elephantine variable in the room. climate scientists do not administration human habit and, because it seems, it is the main considerable element in our destiny climate eventualities. So useful, in case you enable climate scientists to regulate the habit of persons (with the help of coersion, if needed, and with the help of regulation) then i'd say "ok. carry them accountable." yet not till and till. a reasonably trouble-free, basic to understand concept. human beings could be held to blame for judgements they make (and don't make) whilst and on a similar time as in positions of skill and administration. human beings powerless to materially act should not be held answerable for effects they can't impact.

    Wilson, FDR, Ike, JFK, Nixon , Reagan, are all dead. Do you think we might exhume them and hang their dead body's. Good idea. Carter, Clinton, Bushs I and II, I am sure I left out some.' But OK. I think most of all of them had guilty administrations also. Kissinger last but certainly not least.

    The fat cat bank owners disputed the American people into their loans, caused by the deregulation of the sub primes by the Republicans. Why do you choose to side with the greedy bankers and dispute the American people? Greedy @ss neocon.

    You're right. But pointing out that a lot of average people were irresponsible doesn't help anyone get elected. Demonizing Wall Street and promising to take money from the greedy and undeserving rich in order to redistribute it to everyone else buys votes. That's why this has been spun the way it has.

    AT ANY POINT Haiku HISTORY... you can find MANY, MANY people that will take out more loans than they can pay back... so, why did this (economic failure) happen now and why doesn't this happen all the time? shouldn't we constantly be in this situation according to your ideas? how did we have economic stability before? EDIT: if I have a million dollars... and a homeless person in living in a box asks to borrow it all because he wants to build a 100 ft. long swimming pool full of whiskey... and I let him borrow it... who is the stupid one in that situation?

    These 'average' Americans you speak of have been seduced for years and years with materialism in the mainstream media, making them feel their lives are better or more complete when they have a lot of nice things. So, therefore, it's not merely average Americans faults; It's a lot deeper than that.