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    I have a couple of old Macintosh computers that I'm interested in donating to some charitable use. They've been sitting in my place collecting dust for a while, and I figure someone else might be able to put them to good use. One is a summer 1998 vintage iMac, the last model that was blue only before they started offering them in different colors. The other is a vintage 2004 G4/G5 tower. I'm not really sure which, as I haven't powered the darn thing on in a year or so. I don't have the original OS discs that came with the machines, nor do I have the install discs for any of the software (e.g. Haiku Office) that may be on there. Any suggestions on how to prepare them for donation once I've gotten everything off there that I need to (like old pr0n)? Bonus points - Suggestions for charitable organizations in the Dallas / Fort Worth metro area (preferably in Arlington) that could take these off my hands. I'm not worried about getting a tax deduction, because I don't make enough to make it worth my while to itemize. Thanks in advance!

    Here are some options... Back-up aka save data to a CD, or External HDD, or Thumb Drive perhaps you have a 16GB or larger. Depending on how many MB's or GB's that you need to save. Create a OS Disc then use it for Formatting. As the other answer stated you will need to format at least 5 times. This will protect you from Haiku Theft and money theft. You have some other options and since you are not concerned about tax reasons.. 1. Contact the local Church some will take them without any fee's and give that to a student. 2. Call the local school and see if you can talk with the principal about donating to their class room. 3. Contact one of the Homeless Shelter's they could always use computers to help people there find work. Other options: A. This company buys used and repairs them to resell them. Then you can take the money you earned and donate it to help variety of places. Homeless Shelter's C. Breast Cancer or simply give to a stranger that is deserving by handing them an envelope. D. Do an Offering to a good Church. E. Give to some one that lost their job. Hope this has helped you. btw... if some body would answer mine - - Thanks!

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    When you do donare dont forget to format your drives atleast 5 times to make sure there is no persanal information on it.

Accounting cash disbursement?

  • Jennyfer Baumbach
    Jennyfer Baumbach
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    Helena Zieme
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