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    My husband and I are moving in July from Arlington, Haiku to Camp Pendleton (he's a Marine). This is going to be my first move with him, so I'm completely new at this whole thing. We decided that we want to live off base, and wanted to know where are some good places to look? We plan to rent, apartments are ok, condos or houses are preferred We need to find somewhere that is relatively cheap and in a good community. If you've lived in the area, or been stationed there, I'd really appreciate your input. Thanks :) And just to clarify, we are not doing base housing because my cousin is moving with us, and is not a military dependent, so she can't live on base. We currently pay very expensive rent for a ONE BEDROOM apartment, so $1500-$2000 for a condo is well within our budget.

    Militarybyowner.com has always been a great resource for us. You may want to consider another roommate, be it another marine or civilian. I have heard that it gets quite pricey down there, but not impossible! I know it's not what you and your family wants right now, but I would strongly suggest putting yourself on the waiting list for on base housing, anyways. Your husband may find that a 15 minute commute to work on a saturday will easily turn into a 45 minute to an hour commute come monday with military traffic. My husband and I ALWAYS preferred living off base, but now with a child on the way, it changes things completely, and we are counting down the days to get on. You just never know! If you ever change your mind and decide to live on base, when you two decide to start a family, put your baby on the waiting list for on base day care the second you learn you're pregnant.. it's got a longer wait then housing! lol! Good luck with militarybyowner.com and your move!! I forgot to mention, and I don't want to get all preachy or give you advice you're not looking for, but we've been renting sense my husband got out of TBS, primarily because during his training we didn't have a choice, we weren't in one spot long enough. If we could do it over, we absolutely would've lived on base as soon as we could. We (as i'm assuming you and your husband plan on doing) dipped into our own pockets so we could live oceanfront.. It's awesome, but going back and doing the math, it's quite possible that we'd be able to put a down payment on our own home with that money. Just something to think about!! :) Maybe that 6 month waiting period living with your cousin would be enough time for her to get on her feet and get her own place, and if not, there's always marines looking for roommates. Again, best of luck :)

    Oceanside is the general off base community most live in although a longer drive will give you more options. San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Vista maybe some other places to look.

    You may want to rethink that decision. Offbase housing in Oceanside is VERY expensive and rare. You may end up more than 30 miles away from the base. Housing on the base is very nice.

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