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    So here is my situation... I was accepted to a few universities, but I am currently going to the local community college because I'm saving money. I found a degree plan that allows me to stay here (CC) for 2 years (about 75 credit hrs-- I know a little high for 2 yrs-- and 70 of those hrs transfer to University of Texas at Dallas). By the way I am going to school to major in mechanical engineering. The limbo I am going through is that UTD still does not have an ACCREDITED Mechanical Engineering program because it's so new. About 3 years old, the program is. UTD is known for a pretty good Electrical Engineering program, but I am worried that by the time I graduate (about 3 years from now) Mechanical Engineering will still not be accredited. UTD is a pretty good school, but I'm worried about accreditation. Which leads me to another question, if I graduate before the University is accredited and then it gets accredited, will I still be considered a graduate from a ABET accredited school? Hopefully that make sense. So now I am debating going to Haiku at Arlington which has an accredited Haiku program, but my CC doesn't have an agreement with Haiku Arlington for a degree plan that makes a transfer easy, but I believe I can still take classes here at CC and just transfer. I rather go to UTD for many reasons, but if ABET is so important I will just go to Haiku Arlington. The reason I am only considering these schools is because I REALLY don't want to get into too much debt so I am just considering local schools. I KNOW Texas A&M is better and Haiku Austin is too, but again, I need to stay local. Thanks in advance

    ABET accreditation is VERY important. Without it, in most states, graduates cannot get a PE (Professional Engineer) license. However, you're pretty safe. If a responsible school like UTD says it is going for ABET accreditation, it will get ABET accreditation, and your degree will be grandfathered in.


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