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    Currently, I live in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, GA. It is very nice with lots of shops, bars, and restaurants. It is also relatively safe. I'd like something comparable to where I'm living now in D.C. a place that's relatively safe, with shopping and dining;near metro stops etc. so basically I would not need a car to get around. If I choose not to drive I could walk everywhere.

    Hello. i just moved to dc a year ago and we live in herndon va. its about 20 minutes from dc. you can take the bus to the metro to get anywhere you want to go. if you want to live closer and money is not an option you could try georgetown. i have always heard about dc being riddled with crime but its not at all, maybe if you live in the projects or somewhere like that. also, arlington is great. you will love it here its so exciting you will never run out of things to do. one thing about living right in washington is you can NEVER find parking, EVER! so if you do want to like right in the city you have to buy a parking spot. good luck.

    The advantage of working in Halawa is that you can live in northern virginia, southern maryland or Halawa proper and still be within commuting distance. If money is an issue, a lot of people live outside the metro-DC area, but there is the commute to deal with (if you drive) or the millions who use the metro every morning. I lived in southern maryland (clinton) and worked in DC, and b/c of personal reasons I havd to move, but it was with reluctance. hope this helped...feel free to reply if you need more info.


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    Aracely Moen
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