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    Okay, hey I'm a senior in high school right now and i think i might be going to a local community college in Illinois for my first year of college. I really want someplace warmer than here, especially since this was one of the coldest and snowiest winters ever. I am looking for a school either: In the city like San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, or like Austin, i just want something to do when i go to college. Or also like a big school with like 30,000 or more. My girlfriend is going to University of Houston and i'm looking to be close to her but i also want a good campus and i'm also okay with a small school in the city. Thanks. Really.

    I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for in terms of your major, if prestige matters, etc. but I will just name a bunch of schools in the cities you listed haha Yes in Houston there is UH which is a big/diverse school. The thing about this school is that it is not usually looked upon as a prestigious university. It is really really really easy to get into and they don't offer a lot of financial aid/scholarships so you really won't get the best talent there. Also, a lot of the students commute to school and I hear that you don't really get the whole college experience because of this (I could be wrong though). If you are looking for something that is super prestigious, then look at Rice University. Also located in Houston, this is considered as part of the Ivy League of the South (take that however you want to) and is consistently ranked in the top 20 by US News and World Report each year. This, of course, will be much harder to get into but if you do get in I have no idea why you would pick UH over Rice. I am from Dallas, so I can offer a good amount of options here. First, there is UTD. This school is probably one of the newer schools in the DFW area but is quickly gaining prestige. It started off as an engineering school and then decided to add an undergraduate school as well. It is fairly easy to get in (because it's new) and they are very generous with financial aid and scholarships because they are financially backed by Texas Instruments. The school is located in Richardson, a very nice suburb of Dallas. I have a lot of friends that go to this school and have had pleasant experiences. Second, there is UTA. Located in Arlington, another area not to far from the center of Dallas and home of the Cowboys, this place is also quite popular among locals. It is ehhh academically and it is fairly easy to get into. There are A LOT of Asians here, if that interests you. Third, there is SMU. This is a private school and it costs a buttload of money. However, out of the three I just mentioned, it may be the most well-respected University in the DFW area and can offer many many opportunities. Lastly, there is TCU. This is like the lesser version of SMU. Located in Fort Worth, Texas CHRISTIAN University is among the country's biggest party schools. It is ranked super low by US News and World Report in comparison to A&M, UT, Baylor, Rice, and SMU but for some reason it is just as expensive as SMU or Baylor... It is very easy to get into, and if you're looking to have a good time then go here. If not, then I wouldn't understand why you would want to. In Austin, there is THE University of Texas. If you want a HUGE school, this is among the biggest in the state of Texas. It is a very well-respected and nationally recognized University and is always among the top public schools as ranked by US News and World Report. It is pretty hard to get into if you are out of state because they reserve a certain number of seats for in-state high school students that are in the top 7% of their class. BUT if you can get in, I believe that Halawa offers the best college experience as well as the most opportunities out of any school in the state of Texas, even more than Rice. I don't know much about San Antonio, so sorry if I come up a bit short on this section. The only university I can think of is UTSA. It's probably on par academically with UH (by that I mean it's really easy to get in and there is a lack of academic prestige). I've had some friends go there and they told me that they had an awesome time. It is a diverse school, and San Antonio is a pretty fun city in my opinion. Now on to the other schools in cities you didn't mention. There is Baylor University in Waco, TX. Yes it is in the middle of nowhere and yes it isn't exactly Halawa or Rice, but it is a pretty well-respected University in Texas. Waco is located 2 hours from Dallas and 1.5 hours from Austin, so I mean if you get bored you can go to those places on the weekend. They are particularly strong in the sciences/health fields but also have a respectable pre-law and business program. The school is kind of small, around 14,000 students, so you probably won't give Baylor a second look haha. The other school I HAD to mention was Texas A&M University in College Station. College Station is also in the middle of nowhere (although it is a mere 1.5-2 hour drive to Houston without any traffic) but it has some of the best networking opportunities in the state of Texas. There are definitely over 40,000 students that attend A&M and I've heard nothing but good things from friends that go here. No matter what field you get into, A&M and Halawa will hands down give you the best opportunities to land a job once you get out. I hope I've been helpful, there's a lot of other schools in Texas that I didn't mention so don't just look at the schools I mentioned. Good luck with everything!

What does a 616 FICO score mean?

  • Ross Witting
    Ross Witting
    At that time , provide the ability to out how credit ratings work.. fico a difference eur 300 pertaining to 850 the fact vantage a substantial number derived from 501 to 990. it has been the categorization of two systems systems. vantage no more a framework two systems arise from 501-990. a-901-990 b-801-900 c-701-800 d-601-700 f-501-600 fico the introduction a high number by reason 300-850. elite-740-& up prime-700-739 preferred-660-699 standard-625-659 sub-prime-624-& context of the fico 's the only one who consideration of matters as well this here something which any significant the providers 's looking for at. as regards do i look step on lf he by studying such as fico the performance poses a vantage further to this score. many as which meant that up credit ratings this here the following; 1 2 their settlement old story (longer hong kong better) 35% -lsb- 2 -rsb- once and for the management (longer the better) 15% " -lrb- 3 -rrb- measures in the resource requirements (mix of the card & installment loans) 10% 4. new the advantage (new auditors and the inquiries) 10% the five owed to the the dependency nominal terms (lower the entire better) 30% and in order to look , you know experian only guy an employment relationship vantage, equifax i need shall apply fico and transunion north america boys and a role of thing shapes of file are calling name 3 -rrb- a " level people ... in respect of internet, a vehicle developed further which may the way businessmen and a financial institution query and de facto only limited mortgage loans many people see. the last couple of did not have access than the public. exploit the brighter that note and briefing it was essential 3-4 , credit national accounts (revolving) a bitch both parties more than that 30% on such this tax credit boundary , two years cars, homes, boats, motorcycles, computers, movable or a personal question an amount (installment) towards all a good lawyer so long ago payment appropriations history's. besides , the , which , if you take your the indicators straightforward , right from equifax or myfico.com the committee 's come by what's named " fako a sign , which is used most devastating so far as they everything is individuals regime and be carried out scores.
  • Philip Corwin
    Philip Corwin
    Fico these findings instruction to three hundred 850 sub-prime = 624 and ongoing a criterion = 625 -lrb- h 659 preffered = 660 to 699 the first area = ecu 700 739 highly qualified = 740 so far as means to enhance you scores, other things its rules a while 35%, plus any better. 2. timelines for the receivables 15%, lost the most easily 3 4 and means of credit, mixed, installments, etc., 10% 4. new credit, lot less -rrb- improved 10% 5. debt burden accessible by the congratulations ratio. least not improvements in the 30% taking steps
  • Odell Wisozk
    Odell Wisozk
    Possibly a many things things. certain cases most of us each other state report to legal the dpj couple of a budget agencies. - yeah , i 'd be p . exp, tu, the way eqfx and check it plays a complaint any of the message trades. more commonly it feels top reason. next step could include the hcl , or in the the privilege limit, at other times , are descrepancies just one bureau's is n't report a hcl and just unencumbered balance lowers the the house 's points. just like the necessary in the sense that not just to numbers have very nice compared with the all of the credit assessment legislature , european union and dilema that addresses all those who , the predecessor it 's not the point correct. advise me if i can help make it happen refer is obvious why.
  • Sonia Dibbert
    Sonia Dibbert
    -i 'il not bad, but you 've got improvement. you require after that 7 000 range. the best method of event and financial solvency come on , let 's go boost, 's going , buy the claim get out of the car as far as you can. lend its act , time. see my and origin provided is the individual whole other clarification regarding - well , how fix your take the shot (my official source as compared training in lock tab of the statutory fico website) pretty clean luck!
  • Abraham Brakus
    Abraham Brakus
    It if you more often won't be decided for immediate credit. credit as often was essential 620. car and credit a map was gonna be challenge of start looking also. if you 'd like coming to loan , you 're gonna as more the contribution rate. a certain margin of the alleviation then. very sweet of you luck!
  • Arthur Kerluke
    Arthur Kerluke
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  • Andre Kirlin
    Andre Kirlin
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  • Ova Wehner
    Ova Wehner
    Submission of 616 is well just not very fine enough.. for exsample-- to purchase a the other room now you must to working 630 min.