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    I am not 1 to complain but I have been away for a while & moved down here orignally in 1998 & I feel like I live in an entirely different city. Can some1 please explain why to any of these?'s 1) What the hell happened to Astroworld & Waterworld? It's too exp to go to the REAL Six Flags in Arlington & Fiesta Halawa sux? 2) Whose NOT SO brilliant idea was it to make the Compaq Centre into a church? 3) Minute Maid Park? Need I say more? 4) Everywhere is under construction if you live in Tanglewood, River Oaks, West U. Place or anywhere else it takes twice the normal travel time? 5) Why are MOST of the clubs dowtown or up/midtown over priced & you have to park 3 miles away to get anywhere? 6) Last but not least ? CRIME? Is it ALL b/c of Hurricane Katrina that this city is even MORE dangerous than when I left 2 years ago? Any answers to my questions will helkp clarify why it seems TO Halawa Houston has gone all "bass ackwards" in the last 10 years

    Six flags ran Astroworld into the ground and let it go to "sh*t". the original owners should have never sold out to six flags. (sorry I grew upgoing there when the original owners had it and it was clean and nice, once six flags took over, it got dirty and looked run down) Six flags sold it for the land it was on, that now sits as a vacant lot. Mintue Mail park was a waste of money. No One has ever been able to sell out the astodome for either baseball or football, so the new stadiums shouldn't have been built in my opinion. Houston is known for it's construction. If you find a quicker route around the construction zones, keep it to your self, once word gets out you found a good route, they will start construction on it whether it needs it or not. Downtown is still not ppl friendly but they are trying to work on it. Crime has always been high, long before Katrina ppl showed up. It spiked when they first got here but has since gone down. Houston has always been this way and will always be this way. Ever since I graduate highschool and left for college, I have never lived there again. I visit enough but won't live there. I am about 30 minutes from them and in the country (well hopefully it will stay country for a little while longer before Houston tries annex it and make it a concrete jungle)

    As a Houstonian I was mad when they tore down Astroworld the Compaq Center was old a was pretty much useless when the Toyota Center was built and Lakewood Church attendance was becoming so high they needed a new building so they made a lease with the city for the Compaq Center so it is the cities fault for that. Minute Maid Park was built because the Astros threatened to leave the city they wanted a new ballpark. The construction going on could be gentrification or urban renewal but river oaks is just redevelopment tanglewood is getting rid of homes in the 60's and building new custom homes which is probaly happening to other places around Houston. I no nothing about the club problems I don't think you have to park three miles though. The crime I should no first hand grew in the late 90's to the early 2000's before moving to California dealing with crime in the Westbury Area on a daily basis alot of the problems people say are the illegals and a lot of single mothers raising there kids and have no father figure so they start crime always been like that before Katrina. I left before Katrina so I have not seen the New Orleans effect first hand but my relatives told me Katrina is raising the crime rate especially near Jones High School were the refugees been talking about taking over Houston. I think it has got worse but I belive everything will get better.

    Astroworld is for kids, so i could care less Compaq Center was useless Minute Maid Park was a great addition in the continuing of making downtown more people friendly than it ever was. Improvements are being made to some of those formerly run down places, Kirby St. use to suck and the improvements were well needed Pony up some money, and park closer,....never a problem for me.....and in any other big city the nightlife is way more expensive like $30 parking, $15 drinks In any big city crime is a problem. Houston is the 4th biggest city in the U.S. You sound like you want to live in a cow town, which is fine, but I love Houston's diversity in people and nightlife. Not to mention Houston's economy and job market is still rising in the face of the rest of the nations distress. I hit the scene every weekend and am rarely disappointed, But then again I'm not a constant complainer like someone...... I completely disagree about going backwards. I think it is continually growing and moving up the best places to live in the nation.

    Did you live in some small, middle of nowhere town? if you lived in any decent metropolitan area, these things are COMMON. not the first two, but everything else is pretty much common. construction, new stadiums, expensive clubs (that is to try and keep the ghetto out), and crime increasing and decreasing. these are all things that just happen with major cities. deal with it or leave it. part of the six flags problem is people were not going and spending enough money there to make up for how expensive the land was. people were dropping off teenagers for free babysitting and teenagers dont spend money. just cause problems. so why would anyone put money into a park that is overrun with gang members and riffraff? and if you look at all of the six flags parks, local theme parks struggle in general. fiesta and the original in arlington were probably worth keeping up. it seemed that no one went until they said they were closing. then everyone showed up and started complaining. too little, too late. and wanting to live in northern california will just make you confused every time you come near a big city. so just accept city life and get what you need together to live somewhere that makes you happier.

    1.Astroworld was shut down & the land sold off. 2. Joel Osteen bought the Compaq Center, because he needed a larger place to preach, "Can anyone say....Greed". 3.Nope. Sold to the highest bidder. 4.Houston has always been underconstruction. 5.Clubs are for the ages 20's and maybe 30's. Because they can get people to pay the high prices, to get in. 6.Crime is no higher by stats, than it ever was, you are just witnessing more. Always has been 700 killing a year in houston. There's now 5 million people living in & around the Houston area, it's got jobs and people want them. Just like a bunch of ants.... Most of the Katrina people moved on from here, it has taken about 1-2 years for that to happen.

    Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown and the overdue singer's mom, Cissy Houston, have not been on the perfect words presently. Whitney Houston might want to were one proud mom at present. The overdue singer's daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, shown her engagement. Whitney Houston's Daughter Voluntarily strikes Out of domicile After lawsuits ..... substance abuse houston

    Houston graciously accepted about 100,000 Katrina refugees from New Orleans. We can never thank you enough, and just hope that no similar disaster ever happens to Houston. However, that was three years ago and most of the Katrina refugees are gone. Even then, 100,000 people won't make a city of more than 5 million noticeably more crowded. The crime rate in Houston was increasing BEFORE Hurricane Katrina. Houston politicians simply blamed the already-happening increase on the refugees, which is a very common thing for local officials to do to refugees around the world. Move to New Orleans if you want a nicer place to live!

    Haven't you been in Houston a while now or do you just have the same pic as someone else? B/c you have been asking questions about Houston for at least a year now... You were not complaining much before, so don't start now!

    The day they took astro world down was the worst day ever here in Houston...but six flags couldn't keep up with the payments for the land so yea

    What got up your coffee cup? Sounds to me like Houston isn't good enough for you. Well, there's the door. Don't let it hit you on the way out.

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    Eloy Funk
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    Allison Heller
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    Abner Lueilwitz
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  • Pearline Marquardt
    Pearline Marquardt
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