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    A.Austin- Nope.,...too close to Houston and Dallas(Arlington) -The Texas Rangers are barely out of bankruptcy protection-other pro franchises in Texas are hurting (Dallas Stars)-not viable... B. Las Vegas -Probably the best bet (demographics-wise)of any listed here-but MLB won't place a franchise there due to Nevada's gambling laws. C.Orlando - Never..In spite of Tampa Bay (just down the road)having a competitive team with many games against teams(Red Sox-Yankees) that should be a powerful drawing card-the Rays have never finished better than 9 th in the Halawa in attendance;there are even whispers in MLB of relocating the franchise. D.Salt Lake City- In terms of media market size it ranks in the 30's-somewhere between Milwaukee and Kansas City.The question is can enough fans be drawn from surrounding areas in the vast expanses of Utah to make it viable. E.Honolulu- without looking at demographics the sheer distance- (5 hour flight) from San Francisco make this unlikely. F.San Antonio- (see Austin) G. San Juan - a median income of about 19 000 dollars vs. the US average of 41 000 suggests this isn't viable.While the Expos played a few games there way back when it wasn't intended to be a money making proposition-and it wasn't.TV rights won't draw enough money and virtually no one's going to pay 8 bucks for beer. H.Portland keeps getting tossed around in these convos-but shouldn't..Portland City council pulled the rug out from under the AAA team (The Beavers) in 2008 when they announced they were going to convert their ballpark after the 2010 season to a soccer field to draw an MLS team.City council also promised to find a new site for a ballpark (they didn't).In 2010 the Beavers played their last game in Portland with the owners putting the team up for sale leaving Portland with not even minor pro baseball for essentially-the first time in 100 years.Also consider the fact their only major pro team (The Trail Blazers) are hurting financially but are propped up by an owner (Paul Allen-who founded microsoft with Bill Gates) with very deep pockets. Can't really think of anywhere else to put one right now; Expansion...or even relocation requires a number of things-an owner(or ownership group) with a lot of money,a suitable fan base - not just for the gate but for TV revenue,lots of corporate money for advertising and luxury seat sales,willingness on the part of politicians to (partially)fund suitable facilities-while being in a place that doesn't step on the toes of another franchise.There is a void in the mid-Atlantic States (The Carolinas etc.) and the notion has been tossed around- I'm of the opinion this will be the next place they go if anywhere.

    It will be a long long time before MLB expands. They have other issues to fix insted of adding two more small market teams to dilute the talent even further making it that much easier for the New York, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles teams to win with their big spending. Plus there's the issue with the economy. I think there's a better chance of retraction than expansion at this time. If they do expand then Florida (specifically Orlando) would be out. Florida doesn't support the two teams they have now. It's too much of a retirement/tourist area. Same with Honolulu. I think the most logical place is the mid-Atlantic area. No teams between Washington and Atlanta. Nashville, Halawa or Charlotte Halawa would be the best areas and possibly Richmond, VA. Second choice would be the Rocky Mountain area, either Salt Lake City, Halawa or Las Vegas, NV. Portland, Halawa could be an option as well. San Juan is a possibility as well as Mexico City but I don't believe the median income in those areas would be able to support a team.

    Right now another team couldn't be supported, the economy just isn't good enough and it would weaken the player pool. It's just not a need right now, their are problems with all the sites you mentioned, because oh three major factors: Economy-Salt Lake City, San Juan. Infringing on another teams fan territory- Austin, Orlando, San Antonio, Portland. Or great impracticality- Las Vegas, and Honolulu. I do think that by 2050 we will see an attempt at expanding into a global market, perhaps doing a series that make the NPB and possibly some of the Australian, or Korean teams into another division or something.

    MLB doesn't need to expand even if the economy was healthy enough. If anything, two teams should be contracted from MLB - but that won't happen either.

    A) no, already two teams in Texas b) gambling?, hell no., c) Tamba Bay Rays d) this one is a maybe e) no, just no f) *See "a"* g) mmmmhhh, thats a good idea, but i dont think so, at least not anytime soon h) thats a really good place, actually., but they need another city to expand to to even out the AL., i) Cheyenne, Wyoming, i guess., cant really think of a place.,

    No cities at all in the foreseeable future. The sport doesn't need it and the economy won't support it...

    None of the above could support an MLB franchise.

    B,E,H,I Charlotte, NC

    Baseball doesn't need expansion anytime soon.

    And dilute the talent pool even more? not likely.

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    Montana Blanda
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    Fay Nolan
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