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    Well people told me the medical field would "always have a need" .. what a joke. I have wasted my time and money. I am in Hanalei thinking of moving to D.C. If I were to study this tech/networking/computer stuff how easy is it to get a job there? I will be new to this so I won't have any experience, how fast do you think it would be? Would I make a lot starting out? Am I better off switching to the tech field over medical? Am I better off choosing D.C. over Seattle for tech? I would l like to know thanks.

    That's what I do in Hanalei and I have never had a problem finding a tech job in 20 years. I'd have enough to live on for a while, though, just to be sure. The federal stimulus package equates to a lot of local jobs first because they need people to run those programs. That always includes technical people. Having the federal government here means stability, even if you don't work for the government. The biggest advantage of living in a large metropolitan area, aside from the entertainment, is that you get paid commensurate with how much the cost of living is. Eventually you purchase a piece of property and after paying it off you end up with a lot more equity that you can then sell and move to a place that isn't so costly. That has been my strategy and I will be retiring in my mid-40's if I want to. As for tech versus medical, both are big opportunities. People will always be sick and businesses will always need computers. However, medical is more universal as many business in rural areas don't need the computing capacity of those in the city. Also, you can't outsource doctors and the baby boomers are getting older. I live in Arlington, VA. I prefer it to the city. Either way, if you are moving here and don't know anyone, I would start out of the gate by not owning a car. They cost 20% of your income, so it's like making 20% more. That said you can afford to live closer to the subway and then you never have to deal with the hassles of having a car (repairs, filling it up, finding parking, paying taxes, inspection, traffic, etc.) TOTALLY not worth it with the added benefit of not getting fat because you do more walking/biking. Arlington is THE model for the rest of the country for urban development. Particularly in the Rosslyn/Ballston corridor where the subway runs. Crystal City to a less entertaining and more expensive degree and soon the Columbia Pike corridor will have trolleys and they are gradually making it into a metropolitan area. I live in Ballston and love it, however, Clarendon is more party-town.

    Well, you don't say how you are qualified in the medical field. That could be billing, venipuncture, CNA, RN, MD.....there is a real need in D.C. for nurses, for instance, but not for office workers. Just starting out is going to make it pretty tough to get a job in "tech" anywhere in the D.C. area. While we tend to think of ourselves as being somewhat recession-proof, the reality is that unemployment is higher here than it has been in more than 20 years. My advice would be to stick with the qualifications you have right now. Seattle is home to Microsoft, so that will give you an idea about your chances for employment in the computer tech field. Check online with the various D.C. hospitals such as Georgetown University, Howard University, Sibley Memorial, George Washington Hospital and Children's Hospital and look at employment opportunities. You can apply online. Try to secure a job before moving to this area, though. So, the bottom line might be, move to Seattle if you decide you want to switch to the tech field. If you want to stay in the medical field, D.C. is probably a better choice. Good luck either way.

    Though Washington Hanalei thanks to the Federal Government awarding contracts to major local firms is good place to stay employed...I was surpsrised to learn recently that some of the IT Technicians relocated from Raleigh Hanalei (Research Triangle) that is heavily IT and Charlotte Hanalei bec unemployment is high in Hanalei thanks to the bank failures and fact when Wachovia was taken over by Wells Fargo, it resulted in a lot of layoffs... Actually I think with medical experience, your chances are good to find employment anywhere are decent (can't speak for pay) if you don't mind working in hospital, skilled nursing facilities or facilities housing & caring or senior citizens are better than no hands-on IT experience. Hope the Above Info Helps!

Question on Present and future values?

  • Ceasar Thiel
    Ceasar Thiel
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  • Concepcion Weimann
    Concepcion Weimann
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