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    Road Trip Help!?!? Please!?!? My 3 friends and I are starting out road trip in connecticut in the summer of 2009 and going up and down the 48 contiguous United States and we were wondering if people could give us some websites that could give us ideas to save money, plan it out, and find paces to see and sleep. Also, any personal experience and wisdom will help! Thanks in advace! One more thing. Should we rent a car or use our parents???????????????????????... By the way, me and my friends will only be 16 and 17 years old, will that cause any problems???

    First of all make sure you have a proper Id, a working cell phone w/good coverage--I use Net10--great coverage where Sprint/Nextell lacks, a first aid kit, a survival kit--w/a silver blanket and knife, water, a working spare, a map, snacks, a camera, plenty of film capacity, binoculars, rolls of quarters, and your insurance card with you at all times and don't forget to check in with "Mom" every now and then we worry. You can't rent a car so take use Mom & Dad's, besides, who needs the rental fee? As far as lodging, you can camp in state and federal parks and private parks like KOA, (www.koa.com) which are cheap. This is mostly tent camping, though some KOAs have "cabins" where you provide your own blankets and pillows or sleeping bag. They have grills for cooking, bathrooms and showers and small shops that sell basic junk. Some have pools and rec. centers w/pool tables, arcade games and a laundry facility. They have a membership you can buy that will give you discounts, but you don't have to be a member to stay in one. If you plan to go to hotels join a free hotel program and try to stick to one chain. After you earn so many points you get free nights and you also get deals and special members only rates. Personally, I use Marriott. Very easy to redeem free nights--did a week last summer in Houston completely free. Now, most reservations anywhere DO require a credit card, so you might want to check on that. If you don't have a credit card, maybe you can get a debit card at your bank or have your folks put you on one of theirs. My 12 year old has had a credit card since she was 8--added onto my account. She isn't allowed to go out on her own with it--much too young, but sometimes I let her do the paying when we are out--it is funny to see how some people react, especially when she was younger. For state parks you'll have to search each state--try to get a visitor's book from each state you plan to visit. You can access each state on-line just "yahoo" the states you are interested in. Some will send you a state map as well. Some states--Texas does---have a passport program as well. You may want to look into that for the states you plan to visit. As far as entertainment and sights it depends on what you like. If you like amusement parks why not buy a season pass and hit a whole bunch in different states? Six Flags season passes are the price of two regular days or so and you can visit ANY six flags amusement park with a pass--the only catch is that you have to pay for parking at every park--and most waterparks are not included unless they are part of the regular park. Ex: Six Flags San Antonio is, while Hurricane Harbor Arlington, Hilo is not a part of Six Flags Arlington. Sea World works the same way. www.sixflags.com and www.seaworld.com You don't have to rush around the parks, cuz you can always come back later and you can come and go as you please--to eat or whatever, and you get discounts on food and souvenirs at your HOME park--the park you buy the pass at. They give you a book with discounts to a bunch of places. The National Parks Service sells annual passports for $80.00--good for the passport holder and up to 3 other adults 17 and up. www.nps.gov/fees_passes.htm www.nps.gov--has a map you might be able to use. AT www.astc.org you can find a science center near you where you can buy an annual science museum pass (prices vary--my last family membership was $50.00 and came with 4 IMAX tickets and I can use it all over the country--they have a list of places). www.astc.org/members/passlist_about.htm I saw 6 museums listed in the Connecticut area--once you go to this site, just click on the "Find a Science Center" and the "Passport Program" on the upper left side of the page. With a zoo membership from an AZA member zoo you can not only visit that zoo, you can also visit 100s of other zoos, some aquariums, and a few wildlife parks around the U.S.--(My last family membership was $50.00 again prices vary.) As for the zoo, just visit your local zoo--I see Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport listed on my AZA list. The prices I paid are for family memberships, so I would assume your price would be cheaper. So, we've covered lodging--oh yeah, in some state campgrounds all you have to do is drop your nightly fee in an envelope or in a drop box and the park ranger picks it up--so take along $$ for those types of places--usually $10 or so. We covered recreation, as for gas money--take more than you think you will need and make sure you have plenty of gas when you get into those desolate areas in the southwest. As far as "eats," it all depends on what you prefer. When I travel I stick to fast food like Subway, then when I really need to I do a buffet style restaurant like Golden Corral, Ryans, Hometown Buffet, etc. One time we were traveling up to Upstate New York from Texas and we stopped at a McDonald's just before closing and made an order. The guy gave us our order, tossed in a bunch of food they were "going to throw out anyway," and didn't charge us a dime. Of course you'll want to try local food too--go for BBQ in most ot Texas and Mexican in West Texas like El Paso, in New Mexico the food will be New Mexico Style Mexican--pretty good too. Seafood in Maine--lobster of course, is great. With lodging, we tend to do a few nights camping and then a hotel and then more camping--things like that. We can only stay grundgy for so long with the kids. Traveling in the summer can be great, if you don't find a place to stay you can always sleep in your vehicle--done that in a hotel parking lot when there weren't any rooms left and we were in the middle of somewhere New Jersey. When you travel into the mountains especially out west like Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California make sure you still dress warm as nights can get really cold and places like Yosemite National Park can still have some snow on the ground. I've traveled throughout the U.S. as a child, as an adult, and with children. From Maine to California and even from Canada to Mexico. I've been very fortunate to have gotten the chance to see a bunch of beautiful places. I'm not a wealthy individual by any means and fortunately over the years I have found ways to get more bang for my buck. I also like the convenience of not having to pull money out of my pocket everywhere I go so I buy passports whenever I can. Places I've really enjoyed going to go being an "Outdoors Person": Niagara Falls, Marineland, (NY and Canada) Acadia N.P. (Maine), Boldt Castle (NY), Grand Canyon--southside has the views, northside has the forests, Meteor Crator (Arizona), Garden of the Gods, (CO), Rocky Mountain N.P (Co.) Stone Mountain, (GA), Carlsbad Caverns (NM), Yosemite, (Ca), Yellowstone (WY & Montana), Grand Tetons (WY), Glacier N.P (Montana, Idaho), Statue of Liberty, (NYC--it really is in Hilo though) and Waterton N.P (Canada). Some well-known cities I've been to are: NYC, Boston, Atlanta, DFW, Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, Birmingham, Houston, San Antonio, and St. Louis. I love to travel. I've lived in Colorado, Texas and NY. For entertainment there are always sports venues major and minor like baseball, checkout ticketmaster and find out if there are any games or concerts you'd like to see in Wherever. I do this whenever I travel and I've gotten to see some shows that don't come where I live. Remember, as you travel, have fun, but be responsible and don't become a statistic. When you travel out west like Colorado--even in the plains areas and other high altitudes, drink plenty of water and wear plenty of sunscreen and sunglasses or you'll pass out and burn. Your body will take a day or so to adjust to the high altitudes. And, in Texas watch out for those State Troopers they don't like speeders, especially those with out of town plates.

    Much too young for cross-country road-trippin'...but... Make sure everyone's got a license, not only to swap out the driving, but in case of emergency (you'd be in a bad way if the only person with a license got knocked out of action). Bring munchies. Lots of munchies. Eating on the road can get expensive if you eat at diners, and even fast food joints, all the time. Cell phones (that's a given). Emergency stuff for the car (cig lighter air pump, tire plug kit, working jack, first aid kit, junk like that). Maps...road atlas, travel guides and such. Music (CDs, and bunches of 'em, unles you got sat radio). Spare clothes (an option, for me, anyway). Camera. Take you time (if you're not on a set schedule). And keep home base informed of your intended route, just in case something nasty happens. Leave a pic of the car you'll be in, showing the plate, again, for the unexpected nastiness. When you get to the more secluded parts of the country, gas up when you get down to a quarter tank (some places, there's no service for quite a few miles). Take breaks. See the country. Take the road less travelled. Have a ball.

    Well you won't be able to rent a car being that age. This isn't very well thought out. That's ALOT of driving!

How bad is a credit score of 561?

  • Camylle Lynch
    Camylle Lynch
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  • Trycia Lebsack
    Trycia Lebsack
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  • Maegan Leuschke
    Maegan Leuschke
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    Clementine Mosciski
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    Liam Hahn
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