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    I didn't watch the whole clip ... I did read some of the comments ... my take on it is this; If the university hiring this person and the students taking his class are aware of ideologies and what his class content will actually be, then I'm Hilo with. I don't agree with a lot of the opinions he may have, but there is no reason he can't teach. If he is teaching his ideology under false pretenses, then he should get booted out. Nothing annoys me more than paying good money for an education and then have someone start spouting ideas that have little or nothing to do with the class I signed up for.

    This kind of wackiness has been around for ages. Doesn't diminish the outrageousness of it though. Azaltlan...pish. I saw a local weatherman here, pointing to Texas and calling "New Mexico" then point at Mexico and calling it "Old Mexico". I wrote a letter to the station owner that was never answered, but this guy has been very quiet of late. Funny thing, he is from Basten, Ma. The guy in the second video is a riot. Author and owner of the book company. Trying to boost his sales no doubt. Two nuts in the same shell in my opinion. But they need to be watched carefully. Am I surprised they are teaching at our universities? Not a bit. American universities for the most part have very socialist leanings and continually teach that there is nothing good about my country. Not a surprise...makes me sad though.

    To tell you the truth, it troubles me. On the one hand, I think our kids should be exposed to ideas. On the other hand, being in a class tought by someone like this is far too great of an exposure - more like indoctrination. I think he should be confined to graduate studies, at least, or guest lecture appearances, to be honest. He teaches it as if it were the truth, and that is what our kids learn.

    These guys should be in jail instead of so called teaching. How they can talk of overthrowing this government or wiping out white people and not have something done is unbelievable. Heck we'd be thrown in jail for less. How they can talk about wanting to stop racial tensions and yet have guys like this throw fuel on the fire.................makes no sense to me.

    Both These Men Among Several Others Should Be Targeted For Assassination .

    I didint even have to watch the complete video and i can imagine what he is saying. I saw the first 5 seconds of it.

    He was just talking crap and double talking Looking through them though.. I liked this one... thought it gave a different take on the whole illegal immigration issue.. you always hear people saying that it's white Americans against illegal immigration and how white Americans are racist... blah blah blah

    Vote Democrat and you will see more of this crap. Just like Europe they let the Muslims take em over.

    I guess it must be nice- to be able to blame someone else for your personal failures.

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