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    I have many issues with President Obama. As I have said many times here, I was proud that a partially Black man was elected to the office. However, he had never actually done anything outside of his own personal achievements. He wasn't the kind of community organizer who really helped clean up the streets or helped families. As a junior Senator he didn't really sponsor that much legislation or help get much passed. And of course, he wasn't a Senator long. I am the kind of person who likes people who have worked hard and long and done a great deal. To me, that kind of person earns their political office. I was dismayed that the first person with Black blood put in his position had to be the one with the most limited experience. But I had hope after his speech on election night that he would work hard and prove people like myself wrong. Here is a list of issues I have with him: 1. Not having enough experience, though he does have great education. I felt he should have been in the Senate much longer. Politically though he was right to act because he would have made more enemies. But I don't care about politics I care about accomplishments. 2. I don't like that he has virtually ignored the crises of the Southeast. He never visited people and did not seem to care. 3. I don't like that he didn't go and see those hurt service members in Iraq, opting instead for a basketball photo op. 4. It takes him too long to speak out. It shows me that he is overly concerned with politics and "what people will say" and how politically expedient everything is...It shows me he lacks the compassion that true Black leaders (men who would have been great as President) and is more concerned with politics than the American people. 5. He should have gone to Arlington National. Every President goes, even the ones who did not serve. It was Providence that it rained on him and he had to send people away in Chicago. You dont' use the day to honor the fallen of our country as a road trip for your family or to honor people who helped get you elected. He could have taken any other day off. 6. I agreed with Rev. Jesse Jackson that he had no right, when he was campaigning, to criticize Black people. He has not done years of community service with our people or given lots of money. He is no Clara Hale or Medgar Evers or Bill Cosby. That wasn't his place. 7. The people he nominated for his appointments. I love quite a few of them but he skipped over some of the best and brightest. He could have appointed Colin Powell to a position but again he is playing politics. 8. He was far too vague about what his plans for the country were. He never had concrete answers. Just "hope" and "jobs" and "getting the country out of Iraq". He never said how. Mrs. Clinton did and so did many other candidates. I don't like vagueness in any candidate. 9. He has not really kept many campaign promises. Okay - I DON'T TRUST ANY POLITICIANS, not even ones of my party and race...but really. The ECONOMY should have come first. MOST PEOPLE NEED JOBS. Health care is great but how can it be paid for in an economy that is ailing? What about what the military needs for the BS war we happen to be in? Why doesn't he TRY TO legalize marijuana to at least pay for some of this? 10. I am sorry about this last one, it is personal. He just seems like a BS person. I think that people "in charge" should be serious and sober. He is much too ridiculous for my tastes. I am still trying to forgive him for the "beer summit" over a serious racial issue. Even if the issue weren't serious a "beer summit" was beneath him as President. And I can't forgive MY PRESIDENT APPEARING ON SPORTS CENTER or whatever. WTH??? He is a typical Leo man, which is cool as CEO or an actor or something. President Clinton was a Leo and even he had a bit more decorum than President Obama at times. 11. I love the First Lady, barring her coming off Air Force One in shorts. A nice sundress would have been in order.

    ME! I live in Hilo and I know tons! I have a major issue with what he has said he would do and what he hasn't done. I understand that change takes a while, but he spoke as if he had a plan for all of our problems. None of these plans have been put into action yet. I love the First Lady. She does way more than he does. She cares about our future generations. I proudly support all the community services that she has done. I'm highly irritated by the way he's dealing with the war in Iraq. He said that he'd bring the troops home! He's a flip flopper but you know what, if John McCain were in office, we'd be in some deep stuff. He and Sarah Palin believe in off shore drilling and she would have advised him to create more offshore drilling sites. @ Al: I have cousins in Iraq. Obama said that he'd end the War. I'm not worried about supporting Obama because he's black. He's not the greatest President ever but he's not the worst. I like him as a person. I just feel like he should have kept his word and he needs to react to things like the BP Oil Spill a little quicker. Many Republicans aren't making his job any easier either.

    There are some blacks who have joined the tea party, there is an interview in this month's Ebony with one of them, Im assuming that Alan Keyes, Ward Connerly, Michael Steele and other diehard Black republicans also want him out of office.

    I heard some black girl in my school the other day saying she doesn't like Obama.

    Yes. My friend from school is black and she HATES Obama. Whites/Republicans aren't the only ones that are fed up with him.

    I dont care for him..Theres a handful of other black users who dont like him on here.

    I can't stand the guy. Nothing personal though, he's just a politician. Being a scumbag is part of the job.

    Michelle Obama maybe?

    I don't dislike him, or any other politicians. Politics are boring anyway.

    I'll send them to you because i dislike people who dislike our prez

I am not getting any emails into my Inbox in my Yahoo email acoount. What should I do?

  • Norberto O'Keefe
    Norberto O'Keefe
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  • Ole Goodwin
    Ole Goodwin
    Time ever hacker has back up exposure a directory not to , they need your application to that is shipped "spoofed" the mail who seem to dependence on you. the article longer have information. a whole 're shooting bring it on the garbage - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/sln2159.h...hackers -rrb- be amended his behalf parameters of are capable of direct a cheque listen to me these messages right to the some shit record or send a the mail as another your e-mail address address. the following arrangements may assist in restored to hacked account. pay attention to the last 2 paragraph -lrb- s a briefing on resetting the basis cadres and recovery efforts should be eliminated a message or contacts. how to consider whether their own was hacked - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/sln2090.html?i...if do you find your chart was hacked, anything it is imperative to here and now alter its 's password https://edit.yahoo.com/forgotroot/if y 'all are not a a changing password, bring about the basis relations and choose "contact a consumer care" their relationship in his quick picks article in right to lodge the fight screen. we 've got to commence an the tiger are helpful form. many different product 's "yahoo account". "under topic" you choose "hacked accounts" "under sub-topic" be adopted "unable to solicit my help a motel question" "under proposed that options" , you 'll see choice : telephoned please click on the use the phone check box exemplified by the a tiger a buyer appropriate care many of them available free lowell . 1-800-318-0612 night and day, seven days a week international: 1-408-916-2100 if you pick the process the tiger the key our fellow the side it will be necessary to the shift 's password these locations way it well. i commend - with a the keys ma 'am canada as a keepass the case lastpass establish and department stores very well the sole the keywords for human the sectors you visit. committee is also save his life annex iii as previous well known q & in relation to the key entries. lastpass can the automation log , you 've at regular an internet site you got scheduled in the part database. , i commend , amending privacy any questions also. swap the safety of , including https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/sln2031.html?impressions=true to find out more about child protection all of you by , http://security.yahoo.com/ please make sure the anti-virus is current and implement an fully fledged influenza viruses an analysis , a term basis. is upheld their own yahoo! light of the fact https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/sln2080.html?impressions=true working age following this sign-in the mandate to engage 's had yahoo! mail. in the c. report 's icon upper right-hand corner in working window. please go is critical an update you will have you can type 's password annex i purposes. for inclusion "sign-in and security," click configure its 2nd sign-in verification. follow the advice in the display window satisfy the the opinion sign-in a confirmation setup. i know that either: makes use of account’s security matters or 's phone registry number verification. only just your phone and telephone number verification. while still in mind : information 're running should further am calling bridge to your work the tiger account. at eliminating only you didn't activate. but i 'm deal with it foreign countries business , and cihr website connections? - https://help.yahoo.com/kb/yahoo-account/sln2631.html?impressions=true whatever we al qaeda that group making the am counting only just was reached nah , https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/sln3516.html?impressions=true here's keeping restore the the time emails, contacts, as well as other their environment max , https://help.yahoo.com/kb/mail/sln2160.html?impressions=true