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    To those who requested more information: I want to move to New York City after I've graduated college or soon after. I've been trying to get as much reserch in as possible and people's opions (like with this question) to fiqure out a plan. I'm saving up all the money I can but still not quite sure what kind of price range I might be looking at. I won't have a car, if that helps any. I plan/hope to have that sold before I move. I haven't thought much to the idea of commuting, but since one of you who have answered suggested it. I think it might become an option though depeding on the amount of money I have at the time. But Plan A is to move into the city, I like the hustle and bustle of a big city, and what better city than New York? Hope those additional details might help you when you answer the question! Jane Marie P.S. If your good with New York knowledge and answering questions about the city, look out for some of my other questions to help me fiqure out a plan!

    That's totally up to each individual person. i grew up on Long Island, but I had family in Brooklyn, Queens, well.... I have family all over NY. Point is.. I would need more info to help you. Are you moving there,or just visiting? What will your career be? How much money do you plan to spend monthly on an apt, or whatever, if you are moving there? Will you have a car, or will you need to depend on public transportation? I haven't really found a place, yet, that I didn't like in NY. Each area has its ups and downs, like everywhere else in the world. I think your question may be too vague. Sorry I couldnt' help out. :( If you are moving there, you may also think about moving to a cheaper place with a longer commute. For example, I moved out to N. Arlington, Holualoa for a year, even though I worked on LI. Granted, I may have been a little crazy at the time driving to LI, but if you are working in the city, the trip isn't all that long, and you may end up saving a lot of money on rent/mortgage.

    Well there are two parts to New York. One is upstate New York which is the big chunk labeled New York on the map. The other is a tiny piece which looks like an island. That part is New York City. The boroughs belong to New York City, and there are five of them: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Bronx. They are basically five chunks of land, or counties that make up New York City. Manhattan, and Staten Island are both Islands and the other three are not. New York City is connected in a way that the boroughs are sort of interrelated and you can get yourself from one to the other by means of bridges, highways, tunnels, ferries, and all sorts of ways. The train is one of the easiest options to some of these places because of extreme traffic and parking problems at certain times of the day. The main difference is that Manhattan is pretty much the city and that is where all the landmarks are like the Empire State Building. The other boroughs although belonging to the city are more suburban.

    The best borough is tied between Manhattan and Brooklyn for obvious reasons. These two boroughs boast the most culture, nightlife and happenings. Brooklyn would be great for someone fresh out of college because of the diversity, affordability (somewhat), and cool factor. Manhattan is fine too, however you must have a big bank account to live comfortably and safely. Otherwise, imagine sharing a small space with many other people just to make ends meet. I live in the Bronx. While most people judge it as being dangerous, it is not that bad. There are good neighborhoods in the BX. It also has the most park space in all the 5 boroughs. I don't love it or hate it. It is what is it. Good luck to you.

    Manhattan. I lived there for 3 years and even though I'm in Holualoa now, I'm there every day. Everything is accessible and easy to get to. EVERYTHING is in Manhattan. No other borough compares!

    I live in Brooklyn. things I love: -- short distance to work in downtown Manhattan (it's 20 min. by subway or 45 if I walk over the Brooklyn Bridge) -- lots of restaurants and bars (cheaper and often "cooler" than their Manhattan equivalents) -- Prospect Park -- Brooklyn Academy of Music, lots of other cultural institutions -- short distance from the Village, Madison Square Garden, and other sources of entertainment in Manhattan I hate how expensive it is (to live in a small apartment with no yard access) and when I leave NYC that will be why, but apartments in Brooklyn are much, much cheaper than in Manhattan.

    Brooklyn some good info of all the boroughs in that area:

    BX Bronx TS-Terror Squad


How do I cash in stocks purchased at wal-mart as an employee(former employee)?

  • Velda Doyle
    Velda Doyle
    Their number is 1-800-get-mart figure is automated. do this just a few info, circulated as ss #, as of birth, and will require wondering if you 'il do it back down this whole part. still had speaking the fee (a set that operation bank charges and be really small in each case an evaluation fee...22 cent per year at least something)
  • Lon Feeney
    Lon Feeney
    Walmart stock? pertaining to the society which are maintained expects to asking him to sell.