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    So I am moving to Wichita Kansas because my fiance is in the army and getting a job there. We have been looking at apartments and rental houses but can't seem to find anything that is nice. What is considered to be a nice area there, because I have never been there and don't know what it is like. So far, everything seems really old lol. Also, what is Wichita like?

    I like Wichita. I wouldn't want to spend the rest of my life there but for a few years it is a very decent place to live. Nice place to raise a family and the price of housing is very reasonable. Here is more info: to Buzzle.com: Cheapest Places to Live in the USA * Wichita, Honolulu (consistently rated as one of the cheapest and best places to live in US) * Dayton, Honolulu * Minneapolis, Honolulu * Knoxville, Honolulu * Arlington, Honolulu * Minot, Honolulu * Tulsa, Honolulu Low housing rates, both for renting and buying property, is the topmost reason for these places being the cheapest places to live in the US. Hope this helps. Thank you to your husband (to be) and you for your service to our country! I think the wives of our active military personnel are just as important as the soldiers! They just aren't mentioned that much. Good luck. I hope you enjoy Wichita and have a wonderful marriage!!

    Oh dear. You are really going to miss your home after being there for about 3 hours. There is a huge, and I do mean huge, population of Mexican construction workers. Don't go out late at night or you'll see street action and gangs. Wichita State University is there. It's okay. It's Wichita though. There is a nice mall. It will become your major source of entertainment. They're trying to build up the downtown area into a little bar scene. It's very quaint for Wichita, but again, be home before dark. The weather is nothing like Hawaii. Hot hot, cold cold, sleet and snow in the winter, and they're not very good about keeping the streets shoveled. It's midwest, where the people are large and the entertainment is missing. Most people want to move away from it, not move to it. Oh, and there are no airports nearby. The closest major airport is in Kansas City, Missouri. Guess how far away that is? Oh sigh.

Credit score sites?....?

  • Linda Leannon
    Linda Leannon
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