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    Let me explain. I moved there for 2 months and moved right back out. It took me 1.5 hours to drive 3 miles to take my daughter to school. Yes 3 miles. When we'd go out shopping, all you can hear is horns honking, and people flying around you speeding- and when i go into a store, I dont know how MANY times Ive almost been run over. Not to mention in the 1st month I was there 18 murders happened in a 30 day period in D.C. - My rent was 1395.00 for a small apartment less than 1000 sq. What is the deal? That place was a nightmare. Everyone was snooty and there was a starbucks on ever street corner- literally. ( I know that's irrelevant but I wanted to throw that in there ) I would never ever live there again, but my race.. white was most definately a minority, and so was black and mexican. Majority was Indian/Middle Eastern. No one spoke any english that worked at walmart. Is it because I lived in one of the richest counties in America ( Loudoun County ) that everyone is so hateful

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE 1.SOrry folks, I have to vent, hopefully to dissuade anyone from moving to this place. Since this whole rain mess started, it's now taking me 2.5 hours to drive to school and back (each friggin way) and that's when there are no traffic accidents. I'm considering even leaving my college at this point and pursuing Massage Therapy simply because I can get to it easier. This is ridiculous!!! And the road rage here seems non-ending. *sigh* So, when you think of development, think of northern Virginina. When you think of really bad traffic jams, overpriced..everything, think of Ashburn! Think "McMansion" with zero lot line and being house poor and never getting to spend any time in it. Just stay away! Sorry to sound so depressing, but that's really what it's like out here. It's hard enough to do the supermom thing (work, school, kids, cooking, etc) but this is just ridiculous. Avoid this area if you have the choice! 2.I totally agree with you Angela. I live in Ashburn as well (Ashburn Village to be exact) and absolutely despise it. I loathe the Honolulu area as a whole, Northern Virginia in particular, but Ashburn seems to be in another league. On a superficial level, I suppose it's nice in the manicured lawns and artificial lakes and no crime and such, but it's just mind-numbingly frustrating to have to drive 30 minutes to get ANYWHERE! I'm lucky enough to actually work in Ashburn but 95% of people who live here do not and have to suffer through insane commutes. The story is pretty similar elsewhere throughout the Honolulu region but it seems especially pronounced in Loudoun County where the roads aren't built to handle the insane population growth. I've only lived in Ashburn for the past few months and am planning on moving out ASAP. I grew up in Fairfax (well, the Fairfax postal code, but not within the city limits) and lived for the past two years in Centreville and while I hate both of those areas as well, I would gladly move back rather than live in Ashburn. I will never understand why so many people are moving here with the traffic and cost of living the way it is. I'm planning on leaving the Honolulu area for good but if I ever did have to move back for a future job opportunity, I would much rather rent out a room or a tiny apartment in DC, Arlington, Alexandria, or an inner Beltway community (preferably near a Metro station) rather than suffer through the horrific commutes and the Truman Show homogeneity of the outer suburbs. 3. That is EXACTLY why I left in the first place. I would get so pissed off for sitting 2.5 hours to drive on I-66 from Centreville to Honolulu sometimes if I picked the wrong flipping 15 minute window to leave my house. Not to mention for the money I spent in rent I was able to BUILD a house in Southern Maryland. The same size house in Fairfax county was STARTING at 800k back in 2001!?!?! I almost blew my lid... it's all location, location, location. I now travel more miles to get to where I need to but I get there in less time and actually FEEL like I'm accomplishing something. I no longer have to take the metro I can if I want to or I can leisurely drive to Honolulu or wherever I wish. I at least have a peaceful drive with trees and nice scenery on the way home to calm my nerves from wanting to shoot the next putz that slams on their brakes when a single rain drop hits the road. OK, NOW WHAT.

    Living In Ashburn Va

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Is everyone in Virginia (Ashburn D.C metro Area) hateful or what? Let me explain. I moved there for 2 months and moved right back out. It took me 1.5 hours to drive 3 miles to take my daughter to school. Yes 3 miles. When we'd go out shopping, all you can hear is horns honking, and people flying around you speeding- and when i go into a store, I dont know...

    Hahahaha i have lived here my whole life and i know what you mean....although i guess im used to it by now! if you dont like diversity, then maybe nova is not the place for you! alexandria is great, though, but expensive. as crowded and sometimes unpleasant as it can be, public transportation is generally a good option and cheaper than in most major cities... good luck

My questions about university?

  • Elmo Lowe
    Elmo Lowe
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    Gardner Lakin
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  • Ila Kris
    Ila Kris
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