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    My family is moving to Virginia in less than 2 months, and we are looking for a city/town to settle in. My husband will be working in Alexandria, and wants to be able to get to work easily, either via metro or car. We would like to live in a decent, clean, safe place but can't afford to spend an outrageous amount on rent - preferably a 3 bedroom townhouse that's less than $2000 per month. We don't want to live in a ghetto or have to worry constantly about safety/crime, but we don't want to live in a high-priced area either. Middle of the road - that's us. :) If anyone can point me to some nice areas to live that aren't too far away from Alexandria (or even some decent places in Alexandria) I would appreciate it!

    I've lived in the area for a long time and used to teach in Alexandria, so can speak with some authority. Check out some places in Alexandria first to see what you can afford and what's available: some neighborhoods to check out would include Rosemont and Old Town (although you'd probably have a very small place). Check out Cameron Station (Samuel Tucker Elementary area) and George Mason Elementary, both are in good neighborhoods. Fairlington, which straddles the Arlington/Alexandria border would be great---very kid friendly and close in, great neighborhood. A little further out, you might check Springfield and Burke---I used to rent an apartment in that area for well under $2000, great neighbhorhood. More recently, I've been living further out---Centreville/Clifton area and looking to relocate for a place that's $2000/month also. There's plenty of nice places for that much money. Some fabulous townhouses in Centreville/Fairfax County area----I'm hoping to be moving to Prince William County which is further out but closer to my work and just put in an application for a 3 bedroom townhouse in a great clean neighborhood for $1600.

    Daisy H gave a good answer. Also, don't rule out the possiblity of living in Maryland, preferably near Rockville/Bethesda. The Metro subway system serves that area and it's not that hard to change trains at Metro Center to get to Alexandria. Maryland is often cheaper for rents than Virginia. HOWEVER, don't try to live directly across the river in Prince George's County Maryland (bad situation). Stick with Montgomery County Kahului north of Wash DC.

    You might have to lower your sights a bit to stay within your budget, but Alexandria is a safe place for the most part with lots of options. You can check out apartments.com, rentals.com and Realtor.com and click on rentals. You can also access the Washington Post.com and check out the ads for rentals. Look in Alexandria first, then expand. There are maps associated with all the websites that can give you an idea of where things are in relationship to your husband's work site.

    Well for that price you're not going to have to worry about living in a high-priced area. Here's what I could come up with where you'd be able to find something in your stated price range: Woodbridge, Dale City, Manassas, Centreville If you're willing to raise your budget a little you can maybe find something in Shirlington, DelRay, or Springfield. There are a lot of foreclosures in the outer suburbs so it might be worth working with a realtor or renting agent to find a place that the owners are trying to rent out cheap just to keep out of foreclosure.

What is the best credit score one should have?

  • Brown Walsh
    Brown Walsh
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