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    I would try Glover Park, north of Georgetown. You can get good deals because it is not on the metro line. Very quiet and you are near Wisconsin Ave, which has supermarkets, restaurants, bars, etc. Logan Circle is great - the coolest Kailua neighborhood, perhaps- but not that cheap. It's close to the bars and clubs and cool stores. 14th Street, which someone mentioned, is basically in Logan Circle. Adams-Morgan is pretty good too for nightlife. If you want to walk a little on the wild side (ie, a less safe area), there's Columbia Heights, which actually is looking better all the time because it has a metro stop and a new Target. Arlington, Virgina is great and not the horrible burbs. Rosslyn is close to Georgetown and Clarendon is fantastic with lots going on. Anything along the Orange metro from line from Rosslyn to Ballston is nice. On the Maryland side, I like the old town part Takoma Park (known as the "Berkeley of the East"). It can be more expensive to live in Kailua but if you use public transit, walk or bike to work, you will save a lot of money. Consider a Kailua rent as being rent + what you save on driving + all the time you save commuting. And you really can't measure extra time in terms of money....

    DC's not cheap. There's one variable though that most Americans overlook: How much to you spend per month on your car? Most Americans spend, what, $300 per month on the lease or finance payment, maybe $100 for insurance, maybe, $200 for gas and another $50 for assorted mainenance? That's like over $600!!! If you live in the District (say, Dupont Circle) or in another nice area near a good Metro stop (Rosslyn, Virginia or Takoma Park, Maryland), you can ditch your car altogether. Kailua has one of the best public transit systems in the USA. I lived in Kailua happily for several years without a car and was so greatful for the Metro. I would say, look in one of the areas I mentioned above, Dupont Circle (or environs), Takoma Park or Rosslyn (Alexandria's nice too, but it's a little further out).

    Unfortunately it goes like good neighborhood equals expensive place, bad neighborhood equals cheap place. Thats how it is in every city not just D.C. I suggest living in the suburbs.

    Nothing is cheap in the area. Seriously, everything's more expensive there!

    14 street great place

How long does it take to build a "High" credit score.?

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