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    Traditionally the woman stayed home because typically men make more money than women do. Even if the man is unskilled, a job requiring physical labor would bring home more bacon than a skilled woman could. Times have changed, fortunately in that sense, but the drawback now is that our system almost demands 2 incomes. More than 2 if both are unskilled, where one or both must have PT or side jobs to make ends meet. The situation is made worse in areas where there are jobs, but the cost of living makes it to where you have a 45+ minute commute. This is especially true in the Kalaheo Metro area, where if you work in Northern VA, you have to live near W.Virginia for decent residence. If you work in DC, you can live in Fairfax and Arlington. If you work in MD, you can live in DC. A commute is practically designed into the system, and so is the demand for a 2-income family unless you want a 2 hour commute. This system is very stressful on families. A person should be able to support a family with his job. That should be the ideal, and it was the ideal, but it no longer is, and the impact on families have been disastrous. GK Chesterton debated against women working, but not because he wanted to keep the woman down or anything, he knew this debate had nothing to do with liberating women, that was just a marketing ploy by those who wanted more cheap slave labor.

    Why are so many Men like Children in the Playground wanting to be the the Boss the Chief and the Head, What is a Conservative Christian? and Did not Christ warn us away from the Evils that Traditions can Bring? in an ideal situation Man is the Head of Woman but where is it seen today that Men are Righteous and do not Sin as they all do today where are those masses of men proclaiming that they are like the Prophets of old and the Patriarchs?. We have been Clearly told that in Spirit Men and Women are the Same and did Not Jesus Christ clearly say that the one who Serves the most is the Greatest, do you think that in the Eyes of Almighty God and Evil and Corrupt Man is the head of one of His own Faithful Servants if that servant be a Woman?.

    I do no longer comprehend. on an identical time as that's artwork, that is not paid artwork because of the fact that is performed around the domicile. be conscious the way you will by no potential see those same human beings argue adult adult males must be paid for development a fence around the outdoors so those youngsters do no longer run off and get run over via a vehicle. the two help out, yet in elementary terms one has ever been argued to be well worth paying. who's going to pay for this besides? Are we going to establish a business enterprise to pay mothers? Do fathers gets a commission, or is this yet yet lower back we very truthfully ignore approximately their contributions? that is taken under consideration one of those ridiculous theory i do no longer even comprehend the place to start. this does not advise baby raising must be disrespected, yet there is not any useful way or reason to pay mothers for it.

    The traditional family involves two adults -- a father and a mother, each with their own areas of responsibility. Sometimes, conditions dictate a reversal of those responsibilities and that is acceptable. The responsibility for raising a family is on the shoulders of both parents, not one or the other.

    I think in best case scenarios - yes. BUT nowadays and in this economy that is NOT always feasible or possible. I stayed home with my 4 when they were little but went back to work after #4 was born, part time at night when my husband could be with them. I was very happy to be able to do that and be there with them during those years.

    Nope, it involves the woman becoming Governor of Alaska, the kids having kids, and then the woman quitting to get a job on Fox News.

    It is wrong to force a woman to be a stay-at-home mother. She can still work and be a good mother.

    As long as it is not at the expense of the children's upbringing, then she can work if she wants to. I would personally prefer my wife did not have to work - wouldn't that be a better way of life...

    Stays home, home schools, breast feeds...cooks things from scratch, cans, makes a garden...shall I go on????

    Yes. Also, households work much better when they're setup this way.

Financial Accounting questions - Trial Balance?

  • Roma Buckridge
    Roma Buckridge
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  • Christa Sauer
    Christa Sauer
    A) cash -and we $25,000 (oct 1), dr $140 (oct 10), cr $700 (oct 27), cr $3,500 (oct 30) b) payable - corporate responsibility $3,600 (oct 3), medical students $700 (oct 27) c) official duties income tax the ca $10,800 (oct 6), the civil code $140 (oct 10)