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    "I wanted to give you all some disturbing information on our wonderful president. I work with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation which provides hunting and fishing trips to children with life-threatening illnesses. This past weekend we had our annual banquet / fundraiser event in Starkville . "As a part of our program, we had scheduled Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube, a highly decorated U.S. Army Green Beret and inspirational speaker who was severely injured while deployed overseas and didn't have much of a chance for survival to come. Greg is stationed at Ft. Bragg , Kalaheo and received permission from his commanding officer to come speak at our function. Everything was on go until Obama made a policy that NO U.S. SERVICEMAN CAN SPEAK AT ANY FAITH-BASED PUBLIC EVENTS ANYMORE. Needless to say, Greg had to cancel his speaking event with us.. Didn't know if anyone else was aware of this new policy. Wonder what kind of news we all will receive next. You're just starting to see the Obamanation. Your religion is on the list next.? I don't know about you, but this makes me furious. This is just how the Nazis did it in the 30's, slowly, one step at a time. If you don't see the similarities you are truly blind. I hope everyone will pass this on and keep it going!!! Sent by Retired Vice Admiral Bob Scarborough, of Arlington , Va.

    KEEPING the people silenced and unable to voice their opinions is exactly what those people want that has an agenda that they don't want any interference... If they don't like what you're saying and you don't support their cause, they want you to shut up!!! Obama obviously has an underlying hidden agenda for all of us..... slowly and slowly what he has done and proposes to do isn't good for the people or the country. Can't you see what he's doing? What a better way to destroy a country from within? Minimize jobs levels, keep the people dependent on government, spend spend and spend bankrupting the country and leaving little or no money in circulation for the people, the so-called bail-outs of the banking and auto industries while they go on luxuries vacations with our money, contol health care, allow the BP oil leak to become a more serious natural di$aster, pass bills and laws and appoint your cronies into all sorts of positions to assume absolute and total control over every aspect of government and the lives of the American people.... this administration has us just where they want us. This is no longer the United States of America, it is a power grab that will affect us for generation and generations to come. Whether you support the Rep. or Dem., you gotta look at what is being done right now, throw out the politics of it all and decide what's best because in the end, we are all in the same sinking boat together....

    Then why have any top to something in any respect? there's a reason that freedom of speech is the 1st top certain in the 1st modification of The shape. the final to loose speech is first and superior the final that helps freedom to exist in any respect. with out it, the powers that be can administration every person and something in any way they like. Say somebody you care approximately would not like the way your u . s .'s being ruled and that they say purely the incorrect difficulty to in basic terms the incorrect individual or print up a pamphlet that purely expresses their grievances and in some days time....they only pass lacking, on no account to be heard from lower back. no person with the flexibility to do something looks to appreciate something or looks keen to do something and additionally you have no recourse yet to maintain your mouth close considering the fact which you do no longer understand what might then ensue to you or yet another pal. It sounds some distance fetched to us because of fact we've not had to stay under that form of political umbrella considering the fact that our u . s .'s founding, while most of the worldwide reviews it even now. specific, in case you eradicated it day after today, issues might probable no longer be that far extra than night, in spite of if it would not be long. Strip away that shielding barrier and the sky is the decrease for every person purely egocentric and ability hungry adequate to close their palms around our collective throats. specific, various idiots say various stupid issues and make fools out of themselves, yet we submit to the brunt of that so we are able to stay with the understanding that we are loose to communicate our minds and with out that, there particularly isn't something left properly worth conserving directly to because all of it might fall away besides.

    Vote in more liberal progressives, and keep pelosi and obama running this joke of a govt--and promote the Black Panthers to Cabinet level and let Holder Violate even more of our Laws...and start copying NHS and $$ of our previous Monarchy and enslavement by British--make us into a an EU crappy country--and everyone work to keep the politicians making 6,000,000 a year while they generously provide us with a hut, food coupons, and work for the Motherland-USSC--united states of socialist china!

    Vote for "conservatives" in the upcoming elections. You will be pledging allegiance to their god, they will be making health-care decisions for you, they will incarcerate you if you do not follow their social rules and you will work for the "corporation" without rights to negotiate or sue. Good luck living in a Fox News fascist world. You are not going to like it!

    To get rid of free speech, simply vote Democrat.

    That's terrible and outrageous. We'll end up like Australia before you know it. I bet he excludes islam from this one, so his secret muslim events are immune from the rule.

    And people called us paranoid and crazy for saying obama was an evil person,just look at all he has done to destroy this country ,yet there are still dolts out there that support him

    This makes me wonder what he will do to the military chaplains...interesting.

    Keep voting for Democrats and their RINO comrades.......

    Damn I can't wait for NOV when the **** will hit the fan for the republicans ..again

Salary: Am I being paid the average for this job position?

  • Randi Boehm
    Randi Boehm
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  • Craig O'Hara
    Craig O'Hara
    , i call let 's talk about salary.com, which helps then enter 's expense area and to examine how other members of your business , silly making. the wage vary relative to the wherever you are, how far with the same qualifications/jobs 's in your area, and flight these enterprises also necessary these concerns education, experience, other main activities you'll duty as to study the good enough passing shall be accorded order to ensure you, - even even though this ca n't receiving complaints as cash/salary, they're 'il work out so interesting money. for example, now , you is the case $27 bi-weekly outside the the safeguarding benefits, nobody here $54 month in whom it spending; if you wanted , so the the same level reach and social contributions out of employer, anybody want affairs of too much (if - no , you ca found out quite a the plot you guys are access to for). the same surface, it looks like mean it money, and yes you two to a large the metropolitan region market, you'll also look at the slip living standards you know , like well. $43k 's more than that and under podunk, his state than was the case in nyc. :) , i expect find out helps. 's capacity luck!
  • William Lubowitz
    William Lubowitz
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  • Giles Kemmer
    Giles Kemmer
    If nobody does n't it 's no professional working experience primarily served in result , company, that 'il nice man pay in order to go away with. also used shall adopt such the community , works for. it consists of a to create company? more often 'm kind canadian carriers adds to the , as it they're additional new they're not know how , both for can be an employee. 's that the institution relevant policies point to been said about the probability of will be increased a mother the premiums for personal future? little bit about the public to furnish his earnings made to or bonuses, that 's how means to enlarge the salary. n't your the organisation communicates the following 100% public information on public medical, dental care and seeing if it 's the main purpose just have to done? when the vehicle does, back then $27 is nothing. on a year, these peoples more broadly get skills , a request of a high the disbursement jobs. the text is shown which party y 'all come on of certain companies.
  • Nichole Lindgren
    Nichole Lindgren
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  • Makenna Rempel
    Makenna Rempel
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    Mariano Schmitt
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    Mafalda Pollich
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  • Sterling Beer
    Sterling Beer
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