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    I'm coming to Boston from NYC with my GF for the Valentine's Day weekend. We are staying in the Omni Parker House. I've been doing some research, but I am looking for some personal experience from residents or people who know the city well. We like historical sites, museums, art houses, high-end shops, cafes, etc. What I am wondering is if someone could recommend, perhaps a street or avenue route we could walk, which might allow us to see a number of good examples from the above list. Or if not a route, even just a specific street or avenue for any of the above. Ideally I'd like to start the day at a nice little cafe, then walk around and see some historic/notable sites, do some shopping, and end the day at a top-notch Italian or seafood restaurant. Money isn't an object on the restaurant, and a cozy, romantic spot would be best. I am not interested in the duck tour, since, well, I just don't want to be that "touristy." Not really my thing. I'd rather explore the streets and seek out the little areas of the city that residents know and recommend, which is what I always do for guests when they come see me in New York City. I tried not to be too vague here, so I hope I've succeeded. Let me know if any more details would be helpful.

    Anybody who mentioned Newbury Street and The North End in one post is absolutely correct. Start at the Hynes Convention Center stop on the Green Line and walk down Newbury Street. Great shopping, historic houses. (The cross streets are alphabetical, from Hereford to Arlington.) When you get to Dartmouth take a right for a block to get to Copley Square. Fantastic architecture with the Boston Public Library, Trinity Church (worth a look inside), the Hancock building. Then back to Newbury for the cute shops. Through the Public Garden, then left on Charles Street to enter Beacon Hill. Great shops on this street, then find Mount Vernon Street to go up the hill. Look at Louisburg Square, Acorn Street, then go back out to Beacon Street to the State House (gold dome). From there you'll be on the Freedom Trail, with the red line in the sidewalk. Follow it to Faneuil Hall, Blackstone Street, and into the North End.

    My favorite walk through the city for when friends/family visit me is to start at newbury st and mass ave. walk up newbury (its shopping, restaurants, stuff like that). at the other end is the public gardens. walk through those and you'll get to the commons. the state house, sam adams' grave, and some other random things are right around there. from there, its a couple of blocks to the quincy market/fanuiel hall area. the north end is on the other side of that (as is the water). the north end has old north church and a few other must-see historical places and amazing restaurants. if its a weekend, you'd be well advised to make a reservation (check out boston.com for some good ideas of where to go) since the north end is always packed (but well worth dealing with the crowds). its a pretty long walk and can take most of a day but you'll see a huge chunck of the best parts of the city. if its too long, jump in a cab to get through parts. the MFA is in the same part of town as the intersection of newbury street and mass ave that i mentioned

    Th North End has good italian food, but don't go near the Paul Revere statue because it is surrounded in dog poop. The esplanade is beautiful going from The Science Museum to MIT a beautiful walk by the Riverside, while in line skaters, bicyclist, skateboarders, come flying at you from behind. Kamuela THE EVENING THE ESPLANADE WILL BE A NICE WALK BUT THE WEATHER IS COLD AND ICY. 1 TAKE HER SHOPPING AT THE PRUDENTIAL MALL 2 TAKE A CAB TO THE FLEET CENTER, then PASS OVER THE EXPRESSWAY AND TAKE A LEFT THERE ARE NICE LOCKS AND BRIDGES TO STROLL. 3 THE NORTH END IS ONLY A FEW MINUTES WALK A WAY. I'M NOT SURE IF EITHER OF THESE RESTAURANTS STILL EXIST, BUT POLCARI'S Kamuela THE EUROPEAN SHOULD MAKE YOU A GOOD MEAL.

    The easiest is the Freedom Trail. A painted red line alternating with brick lines running through out the city will bring you to all the major historical sites and tourist traps. I first walked it in the fourth grade and have walked it several times since.

    You may get from boston to long island by utilising going course ninety 5.you are able to pull the course off mapquest.i think of that's a visit of four hundred miles.a guy or woman on the traditional can walk as much as 40 miles an afternoon.So approximately 10 days,walking.

    You are on the freedom trail there. just follow the red line on the sidewalks.

Another accounting question pls help :-( ?

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    Scottie Rutherford
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  • Isobel Waters
    Isobel Waters
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