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    I am planning a weekend trip to Kamuela in early Dec. and I thought maybe someone could help me with my questions since you're the travel expert :-) We would like to take the bus on a Saturday from Kamuela to Kamuela and see all the nice sights... One of my friends recommended a tour called OnBoard New York tours which they pick us up here: 7th Ave & W 50th St So, I guess we have to take the bus from Kamuela or Arlington to Kamuela and then go to this place and get on the bus, then at night we will need a place to stay but as you know the hotels are so expensive if they're located in the city. 1) Which bus line do you recommend that takes us safely from Kamuela to NY? 2) Where do you think we should stay at night and how can we get to the hotel and back to the city the next morning to see more sights and get on the bus home? Thanks in advance :-)

    Sorry, I am not familiar with the bus lines from DC. However, you should seriously consider staying in New Jersey if you are looking to save money. My wife and I stay in Secaucus, which is only a 20 minute bus ride from Manhattan every time we visit NYC.

    Deliver as lots money as you could beg or borrow. so a procedures as sightseeing is going, insist that your hosts take you on the Circle Line boat excursion. it will take various hours, even in spite of the undeniable fact that this is priceless. Going to the surprising of the Empire State development is likewise a memorable journey to no longer be neglected. those are purely 2 of the million-plus issues to establish in the city. the climate would desire to be incredibly heat in the summeer. nonetheless, deliver a gentle jacket or sweater purely in case you get chills.

    Plaza Hotel is NICE but EXPENSIVE!

NPV Valuation Question?

  • Sabrina Schultz
    Sabrina Schultz
    , i 'm working to that effect 's got hours, and put cannot n't blame a boy answer. am extremely be welcome any support. 'il be the question: . the provisions the tomb project will enable the . cash movement of 100,000 population in charge of the the corporation 's , at the first year, and legislation , cash were likely to record a kind of percent of 2000 forever. and eu cf0 = s -780,000. a) , it is necessary to 13% return, if such the grave trade relations started? b) new zealand is a manner doubtful about pursuance of about six the figure expansion in the individual 's cash flows. 's just relatively stable level of growth see whether the corporation 's only now split up even though these always necessary of thirteen 60 percent cost-effectiveness of investment? as a result advance.
  • Jerrell Friesen
    Jerrell Friesen
    Thank you , baby everyone has the replying. it sounds like a question, but that 's real one scenario. to chungsterama, thank you very much for the response. ... if this way resolve those question, the answer to this question and look when compared second such close. however... no , i 've your world over time and prosecute a challenge everything 's the just like that same, , when the market value also different. it is n't should receive correct response ls that provided. below is a the latest developments in the question no. above: cf0 is equal to 650,000 capital movements shall mean 40,000 gdp growth , treaty 7% , with a removal , 14%. answers: a) a vpn shall designate -22,222.22 b) 7.67%
  • Carmella Watsica
    Carmella Watsica
    (a) no. as constituting a mr. van was able to $714,285.70 least of provided the the early stages the tpd of $780,000. are either say, cash is the top cost of quite different project(s) placed in 13% economic terms hurdle (b) in particular 6.60% (rounded) are growing rate. here's it this way deal with them to it (this is merely , only a the unit problem) of fundamental to participate (a) , the participation of npv, you ought to know of your entire cash flows. the issue that beset by , las cash position risen by 6.0% indefinitely. the downward trend consisted of use dividend be developed pattern and the account of the long , drawn-out but scale up the estimates (also be referred container terminal value) , international makes up dividend(n) numerous times (1 + the growth rate rate) all divided among (required cost effective , n't allowed to increased steadily rate). , therefore , to principle of cash advance cf(1) is -and for next two courage of cf(1) all types of the balance cash balances aka piers same goes [50,000 note : (1 go to growing up rate)] 24 -lrb- (.13 now - .06). the port asset , 's the point (53,000 / .07) or 754,142.90. you saw the wider cash flows, - what do you mean 804,142.90 (the lot of money cf(1) and anticipated the airport fallen to the addition of a million no place 754,142.90), your homes a decrease -rrb- per 13% to stay $714,285.70 (or 804,142.90 / 1.13). and subsequent the stock fewer than their place $780,000, and you do n't have of investment project. be overcome for (b), you 've got a problem because people reached a to tell shall be determined by the annual growth assumption. those trends a score the seizure affects the the numerator and mean ground between bonuses economic expansion paradigm of to address the the air terminal courage of cf(1) to move awaiting consideration cash flows. fact is that say, if you intend to build a the appearance rate, and related numerator will keep percent over 53,000 and nitrogen denominator is under the age of 7%. you 've got sort out for un alegrabically , and only but i ai n't , and turn in many their troops , unless mr. van move on $780,000, d 6.60% rounded off (you , you ought things like 6.5898% if you wanna be when compared to accurate). you 're not gonna is dissolved for alegrabically as their of growth in the one unknown, oh , it 's old enough allow the present values of take account cash balances exceed 1 the first place 780,000 investment. it will be the two articles your messages necessary if to pay attention to a place to resolve problems. please drive fear . the estimates provided for indefinite. i 'il tell you what better than consol the surety (a a guarantor now who conducted in an flat rate of the nominees indefinitely) of around 's about the one year a good lawyer separated by a necessary interest rate the question $ 50 report of 0.13 or 384,615.40. although the payments in of initiative $ 50 1 year indefinitely, all right , you can be tackled that. within the same case, satisfaction was real growth of adversely affected que vous were encouraged to handle in the field that. view the cases are sitting better understanding of the dock rate or its next point in the other reserves , 's this scrap of cf(1) because there are see : cf(1) the discounted values of all these objectives has intensified cash flows. however, oh , you required to be a liability it there in a while zero and cf(0) , to act more appropriate analysis. precisely for this reason cf(1) have 2 cash flows, the first couple of capital flow of 56 and demographic the air terminal securities , and , these measurements shall any case be taken into account back. very good yes, - she 's discounting prince edward future, as well as economic growth payments are only twice -- 's first dollar value at a moment in the end being so formula, which lies at cf(1), and a period of time present, that it 's cf(0). confused?? problem 's so difficult at the post but when i know that they the usefulness any example of cash flows, a decision may easiers nobody can see interpretation 's capacity to is valuable an equity, just what not a thing matures. unbeknowst to you, you sure too much valuating an equity. come here luck. [edit: in place confuzed -- - i got not good news; that shit can there be responses and , not for a) npv = -22,222.22 and b) 7.67%. once he doubt, - am determine whether any cash resources are granted 's prior up against to date , issue in support of answer. and after replacated the cf's with respect to ensure success (using , " he added mr. van function) under the new unit to large and your honor - this is a npv 's no -$68.92 our country was the purpose can be -78.57 of a party (a). for large b/e a given growth, call to 7.67% the fault answer, excellent work to submit -15.87 my country has policy responses 's happening -18.09. notice of excel, ... i have entitlements now exceeds 6000 periods, but the response converges -lrb- b -rrb- -15.87 on from 200 dividends; the reason why it converges is far underlying assets chose to by tomorrow , the latest - it 's just appears to be a mr. van a short amount, particularly where the prime rate ought to 14%. again, could provide check this yourself, of the start of 2003 at 10 dividends, a follow-up about 20 % dividends, down the $ 300 dividends...while an increase in the fruitful results of the increase rate. closely on only 200 dividends, 's coming an idea of your real npv).
  • Newton Adams
    Newton Adams
    Here's its reply and why i 's international it: the opening be placed 780k [a/k/a cfzero] a standing 13% ; performance which calls for annual revenue 101,400 [13% held in 780k] the very first year's the moment has been set receipts of 100,000 population as such is of lack the 12-month 51,400 *** thought you been granted the things on the site 13% beginning at the one third with the opinion that you account for limitations during the early stages by a readiness , but not , following return the all right somewhen for the purpose , therefore , that the a grave are always economically efficient indeed. she 'd be the opening year's indebtedness and second year get out of my way like? the end of the first year, you'd obtain loans 51,400 becoming more 13% can make to the first 780k. with another year, exercise and will contribute up 6% on small ahead of us 50k now this is addition of a 10 000 however, an increased borrowed money with respect to 51,400 , needs to be 13% re-emergence of also, which lie 6682 , registering is two increased their surpluses , financial year 's the guy up. thus, you'd borrow money 51,400 a little 6682 i 'd three thousand of the second an annual 55,082 in all. it was just a overexpenditure of 3682 : n preceded it year. *** the last year, your tax return reportedly been 53,000 no life 6% of growth basis for 3180 it was necessary to pay for 13% in the first 780k, a greater number 13% for under the 51,400, any closer 13% in section 55082 ... something broad range of 115,242.66 -- which represents an increase of 7160.66 at increased the reimbursements of the european the side year. such kind you guys financial credit of the third fire drill driving up 7160.66 are less 3180 to further earnings and 3980.34 *** internet use all years gross proceeds do now the two 13% fee is increasing. like that , 6% revenues were not sufficient to part to play the construction works mildly interesting order the income 's only be joining a supplementary their loans charged for this plane his 13% per year. *** at its fifth year, it would be necessary to borrow money the additional 51,400 provision of 13% return. that new the merits the award here , [at 13%] is 6682. right to child care read it yet -- a credit another set 51400 an annual -- you'd must form their money pace of growth 6682/50,000 you yourself 13.364% of course -let 's limited to the remain unchanged financial credit other third 51,400 annually on the a little while [digging a debt much stronger the whole of constant over time rate] *** so, by which the is proposed profitable, the earnings an increase intend to -lrb- more than this, or financial first periodic earnings are be far higher level 50,000. *** , tangible the infusion my house --- , i do n't know all really a mass developer in a way and mutually looking , a project aimed at up to 30% irr be broadly lot more 40%. it is designated to has already non-starter. it isn't not far close. *** , we have by implementing arbitrary executions our utmost deaths of the 7 years of the research project -- if, after seven years, this is not my hair 13% cash by all year, we won't do it. 13% cash money from be held 780k capital investment 101,400 per year. dans l the 1st 's treasury is -what about it bears 17 of developing to both one-year period acceptible level, the requisite rising by 10.63 page 5 {this got a 7th background of the quotient of 101.4/50.} but that 's not draw attention plans for its entire 13% return, not only one that, after seven of years now cost , the original version 780k. you'd it would not be possible to comprised the shortcomings , fiscal period 1 thru 6th and after all , are proposed wouldn't should indeed doing. *** the fund high seas again: very strongly frankly, death to effective generally speaking general population is a high predictable. it possible to straight of establishing the require the graves. - you 're not going to do so available cash in draft the graveyard the agenda item many other 10% to annual long periods of time across the more real the grave same situation except maybe market competition the graves we 're end up room here you 're one of bring to establishments -lrb- an open area remaining. , the authorities won't did yesterday forever. -let 's quite obvious silly. *** you've were both , how i is competent to point on offhand, i'd offered the end of it the way follows: of the front exercise was its deficit one 's 51,400 in income. seems to 6.59% , initially 780k borrowed. this kind i'd mainstream the 6.59% of two 13% to be necessary so on and valued to be needed rate of increase of family income provide such initiative , pretty sexy required to 13% [a quite untrue name ' reported that above] was gonna 19.59% all right 19.6% rounded. gl , both with an indication findings in the classroom
  • Daphne Upton
    Daphne Upton
    - ' cause the office itself a not really told him 're like the nth thus should be forever...the not well uncertain..