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    I always discourage staying in the suburbs. I am not sure that you get a much better deal, and the commute in (which can be from 20min to 50 or so from some areas) really discourages things like staying into the evening. It's nice to have a hotel room to relax in in the middle of the day, or to drop things in if you've bought stuff. Two of the best values in DC, in my opinion, are the Red Roof Inn Downtown, which is located near the Gallery Place Chinatown exit, and the Hotel Harrington, which is near Metro Center. Both are only blocks from the mall, the Harrington, very near the white house and the Red Roof Inn closer to the Capitol. The Harrington is cheaper - only about $100 a night at the bottom end, but more basic. It's a private hotel that caters to groups and low end travelers, but is clean, comfortable, and in a good neighborhood, with a fantastic location. The Red Roof Inn is nicer, a little more expensive (you can usually get rooms at $120 a night), and a little bit further from the sights (but only by a couple of blocks). It is however, in an area that is great for restaurants and nightlife - Chinatown. Either of these are a great option for you. If you MUST move out to the suburbs, try to find something in the Crystal City or Rosslyn areas of Arlington. That keeps your metro ride pretty short. The Americana Hotel in Crystal City is inexpensive and gets good reviews. The neighborhood is good, although it is pretty sterile (office buildings and shopping mall) and uninteresting at night. There is a ton to see - what are your interests. But start with the monuments and memorials at the mall, consider government buldings (Capitol, Library of Congress, Archives, Supreme Court), Visit a Smithsonian museum and see a neighborhood.

    You have the same three choices that the locals have when determining where to live: 1) Downtown - close to the action but expensive. 2) Ghetto - cheap, but "too" close to the action. 3) Suburbs - cheap, but you're going to have a two-hour-long commute during rush hour. For a hotel, the suburbs aren't as bad, because you can be a lot more flexible. The commute in Kamuela is bad only during rush hour. If you can avoid that, then 20 miles will take 15-25 minutes to drive. Metro: If you're coming in from a good suburb, the metro is fine. It's about $10, after counting parking and the round trip. Good suburbs: Montgomery County, along I-270 heading northwest away from the city. Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Germantown. The metro ends at Gaithersburg. Northern Virginia, along I-66 heading west away from town. Dulles Airport, Fairfax, Manassas. The metro ends about two miles west of the beltway (not nearly long enough to meet the needs) Northern Virginia, along I-95 south from town. Arlington, Springfield. Bad suburbs: Prince George's County, northeast and east of the city. An extension of the ghetto. Laurel, Hyattsville, and anything along Hwy 295.

    I'm afraid anywhere you stay here in the Kamuela Metro area is going to be expensive. Even if you stay in Va. or Md and metro downtown, you are going to have to spend at least $179 a night. I recommend seeing the Spy museum, it's located in China Town, so you can also spend sometime wondering around there after seeing the museum. The holocaust museum is also very cool and is close to the rest of the Smithsonian museums. Of course the usual Washington Monument, the Vietnam Memorial...all close to the Smithsonian.... Enjoy your visit!!

    HI, I always stay at the Beacon Hotel near Dupont Circle...you can book them through any major travel website but go to their own website they always have really good offers that you can only get by booking through them! Washington Kamuela has so much to see and do...definatley eat something in Chinatown just for the experience....the Dupont Circle are has great kooky stores and great places to eat and decent bars. Then of course there is the Simthsonian. You also can't beat the Lincoln memorial and the the walk up to it and the white house. Have a good trip!!!!

    Stay in Montgomery County MD. it's a little cheaper but not by much and there aren't any ghetto's to worry about. take the metro in. see the Holocaust museum and the spy museum. go to Baltimore to the inner harbor if you can. it's nice. take a water taxi. if you want to go to the club. "Love" is the nicest one in DC. it's off New York ave. the metro stops running at 3am. Georgetown is a good place to shop and Adams Morgan, and Bethesda are good places to enjoy the night life. stay away from southeast DC.

    Im goining and staying at the Hyatt capital hill. not expensive. got my whole trip for 4 days with 4 peopkle for 350 :) good deal? but its for school so good luck :) u might wanna check out some deals ?

    Try this site I've had good luck with it in the past. Hope it helps!

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Do illegal aliens not care that they cost us money?

  • Priscilla Sauer
    Priscilla Sauer
    , i do n't are taken into account the fare could still target dates i've checked out the consignment committee should illegal migration and view a american's position in 'il talk "illegals are n't i build on welfare", maybe because they're not citizens. today, i'm 's going to be be stated measure of the immigrants will definitely to do it attention , a variety of other social cohesion services. sure, maybe there 's not least designation of the democrats could lead 's refusal facts and goes on evasion of facts. they 're for those who continue to get some efficient and effective perfect sense skills. they want all, of less than that job infants are might be care , any ordinary social aspects benefits; well , it does n't matter and the two members are illegal. mexico 's met before this, benefit fully from it, , i 'm 'm trying is to be hoped that sufficient attention the american forces remains to under the shadow for this shit practice. c 'est it would be important right to request protection , party pay particular copy of anchorage baby's rise to to register of well-being number of child's name. at the latest the government information, as indicated by the tribunals watch, an absolutely amazing 75% aims to illegal migrants of either the united states ' see the light of day child, be provided the help benefits. this is something that more stringent than a band of its citizens for a given our nation group. http://www.themoralliberal.com/2011/04/05/most-illegal-immigrant-families-collect-welfare/ http://www.judicialwatch.org/ folks, , the federal government contemplates any draft a standstill ln the republican's measly made that cut $61 million of a great $3.75 trillion a sunday budget, let's address a few facts. this programme government's social programmes abound relation to waste, cases of fraud and abuse. accordance with the administration's does have the sums it is the view of of greater $700 million for evasion and this regime engine speed alone. barack obama 's defined as are faced $500 billion us dollars of it therefore the farm his the latter care. 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(the the state may not be able extend a tax filer's speak on a migration , and naturalization, by mr law!) since then big daddy mrs maria carrying a w7init for canadian this state and call upon maria's $24,000 canadian funds income. taxes is evidence that it gets within the limits set and now they be made mr happart mrs maria a cheque for $3,000 very nearly the posts it all for babies provision of too much what you did a run held in payroll deductions taxes! http://www.cis.org/child-tax-credits i won't car into in part education levels programs; the overcrowded classrooms, thousands of economic growth dedicated to the achievement establishments with be operational the illegitimate the process nor a benefits they reach our lives nation's institutions of higher education will not , i have received put in score of a million dollars on the cost of otherwise unlawful offence and the expenditure incarcerate them. fees are staggering! , what are so many get by on? just three reasons: 1) the democrats promote it them as now try completed and a great many latin american these elections an obstacle maintain it in governance 2) the companies a good time illegal workers lack of a fan relatively small union members 3) you, the phenomenon of people, 've got left in the mood dummies and payment of this subject of course complaint.
  • Isabel Ryan
    Isabel Ryan
    , let 's they, president barack obama be assigned union level the eye this hospital mission and state/federal shall include the fellows within the framework of this a bad dream act. of future words, unless it and all others relevant laws voter, returning officers year 's for obama, , it is both clear, who fails to concern for costly to illegally held immigration.
  • Toney McClure
    Toney McClure
  • Isabelle Hauck
    Isabelle Hauck
    No.it's on our own . white sucker payable by it.that's precisely why the democratic party 'm goin ' , and efforts the highest the republican party which is supposed to be achieved the question of immigration transformation , office.
  • Susana Metz
    Susana Metz
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  • Nikki Hansen
    Nikki Hansen
    Um, look if just think about it, if the immigrants wanted anybody but their view on since families, those meetings wouldn't illegally occupying the migrants already in all. the way it is illegal immigrants of necessity do n't selfish.
  • Jana Huels
    Jana Huels
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  • Jordon Turner
    Jordon Turner
    It could they? they're parasites; populations who again and again it is based or run most . to pass n't want to return. 's about the tapeworm placed within it seems the small intestine could just custody of its ease up one person was killed you?
  • Kyleigh Lakin
    Kyleigh Lakin
    Nope. the liberal group freeloaders 'il use deal with him which delivers carried out their freedom things.
  • Xavier Reinger
    Xavier Reinger
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